The Framework for ABM Success

Measure with the right audience at the right time with the right message every time, across every channel.

Endlessly customizable revenue analytics

Inside the Terminus Measurement Studio you’ll find powerful revenue attribution and campaign performance metrics ready for board-level reporting, campaign optimization, and everything in between.

CMO Dashboard

The Terminus Measurement Studio comes ready with a customizable dashboard that helps CMOs and marketing teams keep an eye on their entire full-funnel marketing program.

Opportunity Insights

Terminus tells you the entire story of the buyer’s journey that your open opportunities and new customers took, allowing you to demonstrate how both sales and marketing brought them across the finish line. See how every digital touchpoint, one-to-one email, and meeting all add up into new revenue in vivid detail.

Identify All Your Website Visitors

With Visitor ID, you can see every company that’s visiting your website, regardless of whether they clicked an ad or not. Use these insights to react to interested companies before they go to your competitor’s website or to enhance your Google Analytics reporting.

Full-Funnel Revenue Analytics

Opportunity Insights show you how one account engaged with your campaigns. Campaign Analytics show you an aggregate view of how all your different target accounts are interacting with your campaigns. Together, they create a holistic view of how your campaigns are influencing revenue, helping your team invest more in high-performing campaigns and improve or remove under-performing ones.

Customizable Reporting

Slice and dice your reporting using any information available in your CRM, marketing automation, and first- and third-party data sources like Relationships or technographics to get granular insights into how your marketing program is driving revenue. Save your filters to your dashboard and compare performance across segments at a glance.

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