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Create, accelerate, and close more pipeline with Terminus.

Ready to transform how your company generates revenue through smarter, more effective marketing?

Enter Terminus, an account-based marketing platform for companies looking to create, accelerate, and close more pipeline.

Target the accounts you care about most. Reach them wherever they are.

As the only native multi-channel marketing platform, Terminus helps you convert those target accounts through orchestrated campaigns using personalized advertising, targeted email signatures, and intelligent website chatbots.

Terminus powers multi-channel ABM for thousands of brands globally including DHL, G2, Outreach, and TripActions.

Learn why doing effective ABM at scale means better marketing.

Execute Your Strategy with the T.E.A.M. Framework

Target The Right Accounts

Combine and connect all of your data in one place to easily create and manage segmented lists of accounts. Data sources to use for this include the Terminus Account Database, G2 Crowd, Bombora intent data, relationship data, and firmographic data.

Engage Across Every Channel

Now it’s time to get your brand in front of these targeted accounts and the right stakeholders, no matter where they are. This works best when you fully automate your campaigns across multiple channels so you create a connected account experience. Top channels for this include display advertising, retargeting, conversational marketing, web personalization, email signature marketing, and LinkedIn advertising.

Activate Your Teammates

Bring marketing, sales, customer success, and your leadership team together through connected data. Understand how your most important accounts are engaging with your brand. Notify the right team members anytime an account clicks on an ad, email banner, or visits a particular page on the website. Use contact-level intent and relationship data to tailor your outreach or follow-up.

Measure Everything

It’s important to understand how your revenue team is creating, accelerating, and closing more pipeline. From board-level reporting to specific campaign performance, use the right metrics and KPIs for faster, data-driven decisions. Optimize campaigns, provide actionable intel to sales, and improve the efficiency of your marketing spend.

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