Pump Up the Volume with Full-Funnel, Surround-Sound ABM

The Terminus March Release is designed to help you own and align more of the digital experience, bring account-level intelligence into every demand effort (even if it’s not “account based”), and deliver more of the at-a-glance reporting you need.

Keep reading to see what’s now available and look for the 🔥 to see which features the Terminus team thinks are the hottest.

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End-to-End Digital Storytelling

Great marketers know the value of creating a consistent, delightful brand experience. But they also know that customers and buyers are going to engage with that experience at their own pace.

With Terminus, you can now tell your digital story everywhere that your ideal accounts live — across the open web, in their inbox, and on your website.


🔥 Simple account-based web personalization

85% of your ad-influenced traffic is coming to your website through a channel other than an ad click. Align your messaging and create a personalized web experience for everyone that lands on your site.

🔥 Utilize your highest-volume ad channel: employee email

Deliver millions of free ad impressions to contacts at your target accounts with relevant, dynamic email signatures that promote content, virtual events, aligned sales messaging, and more.

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Account Intelligence in More Places

Data is only as good as your ability to put it into action.

Now, Terminus delivers more predictive data through our industry-leading ABM platform so you can create more dynamic, sophisticated audiences for your marketing programs and empower your reps to reach out to the right people at the right accounts at the right time.

🔥Lead to Account Mapping in Salesforce

What would be better than someone from one of your target accounts raising their hand for more info? Now you can automatically route those leads to the right reps, with account-level intelligence on the lead object.

account intelligence

Relationship insights to build your business

Scale your account-based marketing and sales initiatives and keep your level of engagement high as accounts progress through the funnel with account relationship scoring in Terminus Hub

🔥 Power your ABM program with intent

Improve targeting across acquisition, expansion, and retention programs by segmenting on industry-leading predictive intent for your products, your company, your competitors, and relevant industry topics.

Always know who you should be calling

Email alerts tell every sales rep their most engaged account and best bet for outreach. They’ll never wonder who to call next again.

🔥 Custom engagement modeling to fit your team’s needs

Engagement metrics are a key part of the B2B demand funnel, but not all engagement is created equal. Now you can customize your definition of ‘engaged’ to pinpoint the exact moment an account is ready for sales or reaches a funnel milestone.

Analyze Like a Pro

Deliver key marketing metrics without spending hours to do it.

Terminus now allows you to optimize your entire marketing program based on data. See all of your touch points, which channels drive conversions, marketing impact, and trends over time.

account intelligence

🔥 See changes over time 

We’ve added trended views to the scorecard so you know how account engagement, pipeline creation, deal cycle, and close rates are trending over time — by each of your account lists.

🔥 Prove the ROI of your account-based advertising programs

Optimize performance by showing the impact of your brand awareness campaigns with view-through visit and conversion tracking.

🔥 Account-based measurement in Google Analytics

Go beyond just understanding which accounts are on your website and see how users are engaging with this custom dimension in Google Analytics.

Show marketing’s impact

Get a snapshot of the open pipeline and revenue impacted by marketing campaigns so you understand program coverage on accounts that matter, by channel.

First- and last-touch campaign attribution out of the box

Stop trying to build it in your CRM and simply take a screenshot of this report for your board meetings.

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