Running ABM at scale just got easier, smarter, and more powerful

The Terminus 2019 Fall Release is making account-based marketing easier, smarter, and more automated. Read on to learn about more predictive data, better advertising automation, improved tracking of brand awareness to pipeline, and everything else that released this fall.

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terminus and sigstr

Better together: Terminus acquires Sigstr

The #1-rated email signature marketing platform is now part of Terminus!

Add another engagement channel to your ABM programs and understand
account penetration with relationship scoring.

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Drive Demand with Brand

Great marketers know the value of creating a consistent, delightful brand experience.

But they also know that it’s hard to measure the impact of awareness efforts in a direct-response world.

Terminus is redefining how brand and demand work together to drive revenue outcomes with more visibility into how awareness drives pipeline, along with a host of under-the-hood updates to improve the targeting and efficiency of your ads.

drive demand with brand

🔥 Prove the ROI of your account-based advertising programs

Optimize performance by showing the impact of your brand awareness campaigns with Conversion Tracking.


> Ad and web engagement enhancements

Discover and surface more anonymous touch points, match more of your target account audiences, and deliver more ads in the right places to just the people who matter.


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Executing with AI

Data is only as good as your ability to put it into action.

Now, Terminus delivers more predictive data through our industry-leading ABM platform so you can create more dynamic, more sophisticated audiences for your marketing programs.

intent powered artificial intelligence

🔥 Power your ABM program with intent

Improve targeting across acquisition, expansion, and retention programs by segmenting on industry-leading predictive intent for your products, your competitors, and your company.

Terminus’ exclusive partnership with Bombora delivers their industry-leading predictive intent data right in platform as part of your Terminus subscription.


🔥 Add new accounts to your engagement plays with Account Discovery

High-fit accounts engaging anonymously with your brand, delivered directly to your inbox.


> Always know who you should be calling

Email alerts tell every sales and customer success rep their most engaged accounts and best bets for outreach. They’ll never wonder who to call next again.


🔥 Scale ABM with dynamic ad nurtures

Turn more of your data into action with automated, set-it-and-forget-it ad nurtures to cover every funnel stage or in-market signal.

This is your secret weapon to acting on intent data faster than anyone else in the market.


> Customize engagement modeling to fit your team’s needs

Not all engagement is created equal, but engagement metrics are now a key part of a B2B demand funnel.

Terminus now lets you customize your definition of ‘engaged’ to include known and anonymous digital activity as well as campaign touchpoints.

Use this to pinpoint the exact moment an account is ready for sales or reaches a funnel milestone.


Measuring It All in One Place

Terminus now allows you to optimize your entire marketing program based on data.

See all of your touch points, which channels drive conversions, marketing influence, and trends over time.

measure abm all in one place

> First- and last-touch campaign attribution out of the box

Stop trying to build it in your CRM and simply take a screenshot of this report for your board meetings.


🔥 Prove the impact of your marketing campaigns on pipeline

Get a snapshot of the open pipeline and revenue influenced by marketing campaigns so you understand program coverage on accounts that matter, by channel.


> Report on your ABM success over time

We’re adding trended views to the scorecard so you know how account engagement, pipeline creation, deal cycle, and close rates are trending over time – by each of your account lists.


See these new features in action.