Account-Based Advertising

Simple as it is powerful. Engage the right personas at your ideal customer accounts with your message wherever they are on the web. B2B marketers see 3-5X more engagement from their target accounts with Terminus.

Create and Measure Engagement from Your Ideal Customer

One platform to execute multichannel digital advertising, built for account-based marketing. Flexible, simple, and precise, Terminus allows you to engage your target accounts with digital ads at every stage of the buying process. Then, use our account-based web analytics to measure account engagement and alert sales to the accounts most likely to buy.

Engage the right people at your target accounts

Digital Advertising for ABM

Precise targeting with no contact data required. Superior ad placements. Click-through rates 6.3X the industry average. Best-in-class anti-fraud, brand safety, and viewability.

Use your media budget more efficiently to engage the buying center at your ideal customer accounts. With Terminus, there is no black box — see detailed advertising analytics for each account.

One platform for all your ABM advertising

Orchestration & Automation of Multichannel Advertising

Launch, manage, and report on account-based ad campaigns across web, mobile, video, and LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Set up automated campaigns for every stage of the buyer’s journey with the right channel, message, and audience to engage the right people at the right time in the right place.

Insight into anonymous web traffic

Account-Based Web Analytics

See which companies are visiting your website. Demonstrate how account-based advertising is driving your ideal customer to engage with your most important content. See unique visitors, total visits, and page views from your target accounts, and discover net-new accounts browsing anonymously on your site. Then, drill into the content they consume to personalize outreach.

Prioritize the most engaged accounts

Sales Insights & Alerts

Account Surge surfaces accounts with surging engagement on your most valuable web content. Surge alerts and account engagement data are available in Salesforce, enabling sales to prioritize outreach to the accounts actively researching your solution.

The Terminus ABM Platform

Create engagement with your target accounts, execute account-based marketing in lockstep with sales, and drive more revenue with the ABM solution used by more than 1,000 B2B marketers.

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