Account-Based Analytics

Measure your account-based marketing program the right way. Don’t use legacy technology and spreadsheets to measure and report on the success of your ABM program. Instead, opt for an analytics software built for ABM to prove your success and improve outcomes.

The complete measurement solution for your ABM program

Account-based analytics are your single source of truth for your go-to-market team. Show how marketing and sales are creating value together — building pipeline and winning more revenue as one team. See which campaigns and channels drive the most value, and understand where to double down to efficiently grow revenue.

Do more of what is working and less of what isn’t

ABM Campaign Analytics

Gain insight into how every campaign, program, and channel is influencing target account engagement, open opportunities, and closed-won deals. With insight into the effectiveness of every marketing and sales touch, optimize your ABM strategy by investing in the touchpoints proven to drive results.

Review the account journey and see marketing’s influence

Opportunity Reports

Show marketing’s influence on pipeline and revenue. Segment reports by account lists, individual target accounts, and more. Review the customer lifecycle for every opportunity and won deal to see which marketing and sales touches impacted the account.

Monitor the health of your pipeline

Revenue Funnel Analytics

With ABM, marketing and sales partner as one team to drive pipeline and revenue. You need a single view of your marketing and sales funnel without any confusion. Revenue Funnel Analytics provides insight to help you know if you’re creating enough demand and ensure accounts are moving quickly and efficiently through the sales pipeline.

All your data in one place

Global Filters

Filter every report by any parameter from your CRM, marketing automation, and third-party data sources. Create custom filters that uniquely combine data in ways unavailable in any of your current databases. Easily compare performance across any segment(s) using global filters on account, opportunity, lead/contact, and campaign/member level data. Save filtered reports to your dashboard for easy reporting.

Align marketing and sales with shared KPIs

Customizable ABM Scorecard

Coming soon in 2018! Measure engagement. Create MQAs instead of MQLs. Show pipeline and revenue generated from ABM. Track conversion rates and pipeline velocity for every stage of the sales cycle. Compare performance across different account segments and tiers. Hold both marketing and sales accountable for revenue with one customizable scorecard to show ABM performance and prove that you’re growing revenue efficiently.

The Terminus ABM Platform

Create engagement with your target accounts, execute account-based marketing in lockstep with sales, and drive more revenue with the ABM solution used by more than 1,000 B2B marketers.

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