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Account-Based Analytics

Track all your metrics in one place and prove the success of your ABM program

The complete measurement solution for your ABM program

Account-Based Analytics has everything you need to measure your account-based marketing program, from executive-level revenue reporting to deep channel and campaign analysis.

Get an Instant Snapshot of Your ABM Performance

ABM Dashboard

Easily track performance metrics and uncover trends across account segments. The customizable ABM Dashboard keeps every member of your team on top of the numbers and gives your executives an easy way to visualize ABM’s impact on revenue.

Review the account journey and see marketing’s influence

Opportunity Insights

Get the complete picture of how your marketing efforts are impacting each sales opportunity. Review the customer lifecycle for open opps and closed-won deals to see which marketing touchpoints influence deals, and use this data to replicate your success with your best-fit accounts.

Terminus product screenshot - Opportunity Journey

Do More of What’s Working and Less of What Isn’t

Campaign Analytics

See how every campaign, program, and channel is influencing target account engagement, open opportunities, and closed-won deals. With insight into which campaigns have the most influence on each of your target account segments, you can confidently allocate your marketing dollars where they’ll have the most impact.

All your data in one place

Customized Reporting Using Global Filters

Filter every report by any parameter from your CRM, marketing automation, and third-party data sources. Create custom filters that uniquely combine 1st and 3rd party data like never before. Easily compare performance across any segments, and save filtered reports to your ABM Dashboard for easy reporting.

Terminus platform product screenshot - Global Filters

Align Marketing and Sales with Full-Funnel Reporting

Customizable Account-Based Scorecard

Coming soon in November 2018! Hold both marketing and sales accountable for pipeline and revenue with one customizable scorecard. It’s the easiest way to track, compare, and optimize your ABM results across different segments of accounts and prove that you’re growing revenue efficiently.

The New Terminus ABM Platform

Engage your target accounts, execute account-based marketing, deliver critical engagement insights to sales, and tie all your activities back to revenue with the ABM platform used by more than 1,000 B2B marketers.

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