Account-Based Marketing Platform

Create engagement with your target accounts, execute account-based marketing in lockstep with sales, and drive more revenue with the ABM solution used by more than 1,000 B2B marketers.

Engage Your Ideal Customers with Account-Based Advertising

Engage the decision-makers at your target accounts with precise digital advertising. Simply tell Terminus which accounts to target, and we’ll use our 50+ ad networks and 200 million data points to proactively engage the right people wherever they are online — even if they’re not in your database. Show how advertising is performing for each account, increasing engagement, and influencing pipeline and revenue.

28% more sales opportunities from accounts in Terminus campaigns

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Prove the Value of Your ABM Efforts with BrightFunnel by Terminus

Do you know which activities help win deals and which don’t? Capture all marketing, sales, and digital touchpoints to get a complete picture of every target account’s engagement with your brand. Use these insights to personalize outreach to each account, inform your marketing and sales playbook, and allocate budget more efficiently.

128% increase in marketing-influenced revenue

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Integrations for Account-Based Marketing

Terminus integrates with the key tools in your technology stack to make ABM a snap. Elevate your marketing program with powerful integrations that enable you to identify and prioritize target accounts, automate account-based advertising campaigns, orchestrate ad channels and email marketing, and enhance reporting.

See the Power of ABM with Terminus

The Terminus platform makes it easy to automate and measure ABM campaigns that generate demand and speed up the sales process. Learn how B2B companies like Attivio and SOASTA are using Terminus to drive more revenue and measure success.

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Launch and scale your account-based marketing program with Terminus software.

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