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ABM doesn’t have to be complicated.

Deliver on more of your pipeline and revenue goals. The Terminus Account-Based Platform is your end-to-end command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging them with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signal from noise, and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter.

Make your team best in class.

Terminus is loved by leading B2B marketers as the best way to start and scale account-based marketing.

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Advertising on G2

Account-Based Advertising

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Orchestration Platforms on G2

Account-Based Orchestration Platforms

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Execution on G2

Account-Based Execution

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Analytics on G2

Account-Based Analytics

We put your account data to work

You’ve got data, and plenty of it. But what good is all that data if you can’t turn it into strategic activity that advances your goals and wins over the right customers?

Terminus aggregates your first and third-party account, contact and behavioral data and synthesizes it into structured account intelligence that powers your account-based marketing programs. Finally, get a unified view of your customers and prospects that includes firmographic, technographic and behavioral signals so your team can create dynamic, targeted account audiences and engage them across every relevant channel – including activating sales for deeply personalized outreach!

And, in the same ABM software, get a complete view of how all of your marketing programs drive pipeline and revenue so you can communicate your impact in real business terms, instead of marketing jargon.

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Discover in-market accounts, prioritize your account database with behavioral signals, and manage your account audiences centrally.


Create and orchestrate campaigns with ideal accounts across every relevant channel, including best-in-class account-based display and LinkedIn advertising.


Improve response rates to sales outreach and move deals forward by activating sales outreach with our engagement-based AI and deep account intelligence.


Prove the success of your ABM program by measuring total influence on pipeline, revenue, deal velocity, and contract value – across every target account effort.

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Engage the Complete Buying Committee with Account-Based Advertising

Engage the decision-makers at your target accounts with precise digital advertising and LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Simply tell Terminus which accounts to target, and we’ll use our 50+ ad networks and 200 million data points to proactively engage the right people wherever they are online — even if they’re not in your database.

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sales insights

Activate Sales at the Right Time with Sales Insights

Your most valuable account data, right at your sales reps’ fingertips. Sales Insights pushes account engagement data into Salesforce, enabling your team to easily understand how their accounts are engaging with your brand. It aggregates account-level engagement from anonymous web traffic and alerts sales to accounts with surging engagement so you can prioritize the hottest accounts and start a meaningful conversation before they ever fill out a form.

Tie Your Account-Based Programs to Revenue with Account-Based Analytics

Full-funnel ABM reporting that’s customizable for your unique sales process. Capture all marketing, sales, and digital touchpoints to get a complete picture of every target account’s engagement with your brand. Report on, compare, and optimize your efforts across different segments of accounts and prove how your ABM program is impacting revenue.

Mike Sanchez, WP Engine - headshot

“We’re seeing more strategic opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.”

–Mike Sanchez, Sr. Director of Global SMB & Partner Sales at WP Engine
Mike Sanchez, WP Engine - headshot
higher win rates when marketing and sales are aligned
–MarketingProfs 2015

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing Martech Stack

Terminus provides a central data, execution, and reporting center. Plug into your existing tools to make running and reporting on ABM tactic a snap. Our powerful integrations elevate your account-based programs, automates multichannel campaigns, and keeps your static and dynamic account lists organized.

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Getting started with ABM shouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Only 1% of leads turn into revenue. Ready to refocus on what matters?

Whether you’re just beginning a strategy, or ready to run ABM at scale, discover how we can help you get to results faster.