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Centralized B2B Audience Management

Discover the best-fit in-market accounts. Combine your first and third-party account intelligence. Manage static and dynamic audiences for seamless engagement across marketing and sales.

Turn your account data into account intelligence

Great account-based marketing starts with bringing all your account and contact data together in a single place where you can quickly analyze and act on it – before the competition. Account Hub leverages our B2B Account Graph to automatically ingest your first and third-party account data to deliver a complete picture of your target accounts, and use that data to create and manage target account audiences for all of your account-based marketing and sales programs.


shorter sales cycle when marketing and sales are aligned

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Prioritize every account with built-in intent and engagement signals

Terminus combines your CRM data with the behavioral signals you need to create focused, high-propensity account audiences. Our platform delivers account-level web engagement, including AI-driven account prioritization, and combines it with in-market intent signals, which give you insight into the topics that account is browsing heavily around the web.

Use this to prioritize accounts in your CRM or identify new accounts to target.


Build account audiences once, use them for every marketing and sales campaign

Prioritize and segment your best-fit accounts into target lists to drive dynamic stage-based campaigns, keep sales in lockstep with your marketing programs, and evaluate the progress you’ve made in terms of ideal accounts you’ve progressed.

Terminus account audience management helps you manage complex stage-based programs across channels without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Uncover Gaps in Engagement

Quickly Identify Accounts Needing Outreach

With one click, you can uncover which of your target accounts need further engagement from marketing and sales. Use this list to add accounts to advertising campaigns, deliver relevant email nurtures, and activate your sales team to reach out with personalized messaging.

Discover the Terminus Platform

It’s account-based marketing, simplified. Learn how Terminus can streamline your account-based programs so you can drive more results without more resources. We’re already helping thousands of B2B marketers launch and run best-in-class ABM programs.

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Whether you’re considering a pilot, or ready to run ABM at scale, discover how we can help you get to results faster.