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Sales Insights

Activate sales to engage your hottest accounts and enter the sales process sooner.

Empower Your Sales Team with Real-Time Engagement Alerts

Deliver account activity and campaign data into Salesforce so your sales reps can easily understand how their accounts are engaging with your brand — and take immediate action — from their native SFDC environment.

Shorter sales cycle

Insight Into Anonymous Web Traffic

Account-Based Web Analytics

Show sales how target accounts are engaging with your brand, even if individual contacts are browsing anonymously, so they can proactively reach out. By using detailed account-level web data, you’ll also be able to deliver net-new engaged accounts to sales, letting them start outreach before prospects ever even fill out a form.

Prioritize the Most Engaged Accounts

Account Engagement Insights for Sales

Engagement Spike surfaces accounts that are showing a spike in engagement with your most valuable web content, making it easy for your sales team to reach out at the right time. Stop waiting for inbound leads — spike alerts are customized to your engagement model, and enable sales to prioritize outreach to accounts while they’re actively researching your solution.

The Data Your Sales Team Needs, Delivered to Salesforce

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Reporting

Arm your sales reps with the data they need to take action and personalize their outreach, without the spreadsheets. Terminus pushes important marketing campaign and web engagement data into Salesforce, so your reps never have to dig through complicated reports again.

The New Terminus ABM Platform

Engage your target accounts, execute account-based marketing, deliver critical engagement insights to sales, and tie all your activities back to revenue with the ABM platform used by more than 1,000 B2B marketers.

Only 1% of leads turn into revenue. Ready to refocus on what matters?

Whether you’re considering a pilot, or ready to run ABM at scale, discover how we can help you get to results faster.