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The Account Intelligence your sales team dreams of

Master the art of alignment to help SDRs deliver more meetings, and AEs close more deals.

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208% higher
revenue growth

When sales and marketing teams work well together.

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Only 23%

between the accounts worked by marketing and sales.

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38% higher sales
win rate

From teams who report tight marketing and sales alignment.


The ultimate tool for sales and marketing alignment

The data is in – aligned sales and marketing teams drive over 200% more revenue than their collaboration-troubled counterparts, and top-performing sales teams know it. But different data systems and conflicting KPIs are the top blockers to working efficiently across the aisle.

Mastering the art of alignment isn’t easy, but Account Insights will set you on the right path by unifying marketing and sales data and giving both teams full visibility into the activities and intelligence needed to plan account based sales and produce results.

Engagement, Intent, and Campaign Touchpoints delivered to your CRM

Here’s how Account Insights will help you and your sales team set more qualified meetings with ABM

Tearing down inefficiencies between you and sales starts by getting everyone on the same data. Terminus is the only platform built to empower marketing and sales by helping everyone work from the same data. See account-level engagement, intent, and contact-level activity in your CRM, where your reps live.

Prioritize the Most Engaged Accounts

Prioritize accounts with your SDRs and AEs with out-of-the-box reports. Help them figure out who to contact, and what to say.

Sales is a numbers game – every activity needs to be optimized for the highest likelihood of getting a response, adding value, and building prospect interest. That means everything from when you send, to what you send, to who you send it to.

Turn your ABM data into your SDR’s best bet on who to contact, how to personalize, and when to drive for that meeting.

The Data Your Sales Team Needs, Delivered to Your CRM

Show your sales counterparts everything you do to help them progress deals.

To work together, the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing. Terminus delivers your reps full visibility into every marketing and sales touchpoint across an account – from anonymous web traffic, to email responses, to live events and interactions.

Use this transparency to build trust with your sales team that you’re helping them progress deals.

Align on KPIs by tracking your efforts to meetings set and deals won - so you and sales can work toward the same goals.

Visualize how marketing and sales work together to close deals, so everyone is bought in on the same revenue goals.

Stop acting like sales and marketing are church and state – always separate – and start operating like left hand and right hand.

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Alignment isn’t just a buzzword

If you still think sales and marketing alignment is a buzzword – just think back to all the time you’ve wasted arguing with sales over the definition of an MQL or SQL, who should contact certain people and how quickly, and who wasn’t pulling their weight across the aisle. Now think of all the better things you could’ve done with that time.

Hear from real marketing and sales leaders how the highest-performing go-to-market teams have upended the way they think of sales and marketing collaboration – straight from the mouth of some of the top sales performers in the biz!

Lisa Skinner

“Terminus has decreased conflict and increased collaboration, which I think is a positive for how we grow our business.”

Lisa Skinner, VP Demand Generation, Localytics
Lisa Skinner
Jeremy Middleton

“My sales reps don’t have to ask me, “Hey, how are these ads performing?” as they’re going out and trying to penetrate them. They can just look at the account within and see how much money they’ve spent, how many impressions we’ve driven, and what type of opportunity progression is occurring.”

Jeremy Middleton, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Pramata
Jeremy Middleton
Allison Winkel

“We are able to target specific accounts with our advertisements to optimize our ad spend and help our sales team with air cover for focus on key accounts. It has been very beneficial for our marketing and sales team to work with accounts on this granular level.”

Allison Winkle, Digital Demand Coordinator, ReturnPath
Allison Winkel

Only 1% of leads turn into revenue. Ready to refocus on what matters?

Whether you’re considering a pilot, or ready to run ABM at scale, discover how we can help you get to results faster.