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Whether you’re a new sales dev rep or experienced account executive, it’s safe to say our outbound selling/marketing world has changed since early 2020. This guide has everything your RevTech team needs to navigate the work-from-home, digital-first selling world.

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RevTech Revolution

What is the RevTech revolution? Let’s consider the basic definition from 6sense. Until now, advertisers, marketers, and customer success professionals have been working separately with big data, AI, and new technology platforms. The RevTech revolution is designed to bring it all together, with a single orchestration layer that provides the entire revenue-building team with a consolidated method of controlling their income. RevTech revolution: Revenue Tech Revolution. It’s all about using technology to build better revenue.

Take a look at Jason Zintak net worth stats, the founder of RevTech. He’s been extraordinarily successful. RevTech is going to build tech companies’ stock; the top tech companies in USA are using methodologies such as this to build their revenue and capture additional profits. If you look at the best tech stocks for 2020 and the best tech stocks for 2021, you’re going to see organizations that are putting revenue first. The hot tech companies 2020 may have sometimes been pre-revenue, but in this uncertain climate, post-revenue companies are the most important.

From California to Indiana, tech companies are looking at disruptive, revenue-generating opportunities. The richest software company in the world and the richest tech companies in the world will be the ones that understand how to capture this income. These are the tech companies with best benefits within the open market. Tech industry revenue has historically been extremely volatile. Some of the best companies in the world operate without consistent revenue streams. Look at the top 10 tech companies in the world 2020, like Amazon, and you’ll see companies that have been in the red for a long time.

6sense and Terminus both work with account-based marketing, which is designed to grow revenue and build stable, profitable tech companies. Both have started to accelerate and improve their own revenue cycles through revolutionary RevTech technologies. With RevTech, organizations are able to streamline their revenue-generating and produce better results with less time and effort.

The technology industry outlook 2020 and 2021 has been excellent. Tech stocks today are considered to be some of the most profitable. And the best tech companies to work for in NYC 2020 and 2021 are going to be the ones that are concentrating on growing their revenue above all else. The last decade focused mostly on disruptive technologies; technologies that could shape the future. But as tech grows and matures, more are going to be looking for actual returns, yields, and growth, rather than just solid ideas.

What is RevTech?

What is RevTech? RevTech is a new strategy that companies, especially technology companies, are adopting. Traditional sales and marketing processes are changing. Companies are focusing more on revenue rather than leads. All of this means that companies also need technology that can support them. Account-based marketing platforms are great, and when built with AI and big data they can be even better.

A decade ago, tech companies found that they could advertise easily online. The top tech companies 2019 and top tech companies 2020 are often disruptive technologies. If you look at the top tech companies in the world 2020, they’re going to be Google, Amazon, and so forth; companies that revolutionized the world. But these aren’t companies that need to make names for themselves, generate leads, or build revenue.

The tech companies of the future need to be able to build themselves up. Traditionally, this was done by leads. Many leads would be generated quickly in the hopes that they would commit. You could get 10,000 leads in a few minutes and see if even 10 of them decided to purchase.

But the internet today is inundated with so much advertising that people have become immune to it. Streaming services, digital billboards, online mailers, and even physical phone calls and flyers, are all being overused. And that means for 10,000 leads, only 1 might purchase, whereas 100 might have before.

Because of this, companies are now focusing more on account-based marketing — trying to find the leads who are truly valuable rather than any lead at all. Scoring leads and curating them, and customizing advertising to them, is better; if you have 500 well-scored leads and manage to make 480 of them commit, you have gotten more than you would have from 10,000 leads with the traditional methods.

RevTech is about facilitating all this through the right platforms. Terminus’ ABM platform provides for new methods of connecting with customers that puts revenue first.

6sense Funding

What’s 6sense and the RevTech revolution campaign? 6sense is a company that’s dedicated to helping businesses enhance their B2B sales using revolutionary RevTech technology. The 6sense name and company was able to raise $40 million in series C 6sense funding alone. The 6sense Pune, IN headquarters is hiring and there are careers there as well. 6sense revenue was $21.6 million in 2019, strongly justifying its current 6sense valuation, and 6sense is currently at $2.1 billion. The 6sense wiki has more information about both the business and things such as the 6Sense logo.

When the 6sense startup was launched, it was a group of experts and entrepreneurs who wanted to see the way organizations interface with their revenue generation change. Now, the 6sense crunchbase and 6sense glassdoor reviews all say it is a respectable company to work for. 6sense careers are rated fairly and should be considered as a nice place to work.

All of these things make 6sense a technology and platform that B2B companies respect. As an orchestration platform, 6sense can make it easier for organizations to concentrate on revenue-generating activities. Terminus ABM is an all-in-one suite that can be used for those who are interested in developing out their ABM platforms, and 6sense technologies focus on the importance of big data and AI-generation in the field. With more data, organizations are able to better identify the leads that are most likely to commit, as well as the best possible ways to make these leads commit.

6sense Competitors

Naturally, no company is ever alone within its space. There are 6sense competitors out there. Let’s take a look at Terminus, Bombora, and Demandbase. Terminus has services such as Terminus capital partners, Terminus media, and a host of other complete all-in-one platform features that make it possible for organizations to hit the ground running with ABM. Demandbase is well-known throughout the industry as a solid platform. Comparing 6sense, Demandbase, Terminus media, as well as Terminus revenue, will show that all of the companies are growing rapidly; the RevTech industry is growing beyond belief.

As with many platform choices, it comes down to the pricing, the integrations, and the features that customers need; there’s no one platform that’s going to be universally the best for all companies. A company may need the features provided by Terminus Sigstr (a recent acquisition) that just aren’t available in 6sense, as an example. And while 6sense has created disruptive technologies, ABM marketing, big data, and comprehensive analytics by AI are all directions that the market has been shifting in for some time.

Other information such as the Terminus address, Terminus founder, and Terminus resources may play into the choice of platform. Features such as Terminus display ads or the Terminus email feature sets may end up being a critical factor. Both Terminus and Demandbase revenue are growing; there is more than enough demand for all ABM features. Additionally, 6sense integrations, 6sense LinkedIn features, 6sense pricing, or the 6sense display network, may or may not work for an organization’s current revenue-generation pipeline.

Since every business is different, the platforms they use will need to be different.


Ignoring the competitors in the space, the RevTech revolution is far more than any company such as 6sense. It also shouldn’t be confused with RevTech, RevTech Materials, or RevTech performance. Is RevTech still in business? Yes; but they are more likely to create RevTech engines than RevTech platforms. (Is Custom Chrome still in business? Still yes, but a separate industry entirely.) When looking for RevTech, you might find RevTech transmissions, RevTech 100 engine specs, RevTech 100 how many cc questions, the RevTech 100 manual, the RevTech 100 price, or the RevTech 100 rebuild kit.

This is because RevTech is also highly involved in automobile sales; this is a separate company and separate trademark. It’s excellent if you need the RevTech 4 speed transmission for sale, the RevTech 6 speed transmission oil capacity, RevTech 100 rebuild kit, RevTech 6 speed transmission problems, or RevTech 6 speed transmission reviews.

But if you’re not looking for RevTech choppers, the auto RevTech company, or RevTech engine identification — if you don’t want the RevTech engines website or auto RevTech homepage — you may want to search for “Revenue Tech” instead. This will give you RevTech consulting and RevTech contact information that’s directly related to sales and marketing, rather than automobiles.

Otherwise, you will get RevTech identification pages, RevTech motorcycles, RevTech motorworks, RevTech parts, RevTech service manual PDFs, RevTech transmission parts, and more. You may even be able to get something as detailed as a RevTech transmission parts diagram with which you can diagnose RevTech transmission problems, an ultima transmission diagram, a RevTech transmission service manual, RevTech wiring diagram, exhaust pipes for RevTech 100, and more.

Most sales and marketing professionals aren’t going to be looking at the full RevTech catalog, with RevTech 100 cam specs, RevTech 100 motor for sale listings, or RevTech 100 at all. But there is significant crossover when it comes to online results, especially if you’re looking for RevTech customer service.

Revenue Tech

The software industry is growing and Revenue Tech is an important part of it. Look at the Apple market cap and Apple revenue. Apple revenue 2019 and Apple revenue 2020 is growing; Apple revenue by year at minimum keeps pace with the market and it’s one of the top 10 tech stocks. Apple revenue in billion increments for 2021 measures at above $100 billion. Amazon revenue, Facebook revenue, Google revenue, and the other tech stocks list, essentially set the pace of the market.

Some of the best tech companies to work for 2020 are going to be the ones with the best revenue cycles. When you look at the top 100 companies and top 100 technology companies today, you’re going to see tremendous market caps. Especially for the top 20 software companies in world categories.

This wasn’t always true. The best small tech companies to work for were often pre-revenue, disruptive, and high tech. But the best tech companies to work for in India 2020 and America in 2020 are going to be the companies that are really charting the way, especially in terms of revenue and revenue technology. The technology stocks to buy India and elsewhere are very likely to relate to the amount of revenue organizations can pull in and this wasn’t always true.

There was a time when the top 100 technology companies in India and the US were straining against imperfect revenue-generating strategies. There are dozens of projects Google alone has scrapped for not being profitable. With GNU, cheap tech stocks, penny stocks, and more, the market is often betting on smaller companies today rather than the tech goliaths. While the larger tech companies have market caps, smaller companies and startups have remarkable potential and volatility.

Animo Ventures, RevTech Ventures, and general retail technology venture capital are all growing. If you look at the RevTech Ventures Crunchbase, you can see that the company is not only growing but also disrupting. RevTech Ventures LinkedIn shows companies moving toward account-based marketing, lead nurturing, and capturing customer lifetime value. The top 100 technology companies by market cap are already using many of these revenue-generating technologies; the time has come for startups and small businesses to start to do the same.

At its core, Revenue Technology is about creating technologies that are well-integrated throughout sales and marketing teams and that are consequently better able to support the organization’s revenue development. Companies are waking up to the fact that they can’t just get “customers”; they need to get customers that offer greater amounts of value. As companies are able to better reach out to the customers that are most interested in them, they will also be able to significantly reduce their marketing and advertising spend.