Terminus For

Sales Teams

Terminus helps marketing teams help their sales teams by delivering vivid engagement data, keeping their account data organized, and create better forecasting data based on propensity to buy.

More channels. More data. More revenue. One platform.

Understand How Your Opportunities Are Engaging

Terminus tracks which people in which accounts are engaging so that sales teams can understand the buying journey they’re on, all inside your CRM. Understand engagement trends, what pages on your website they’re visiting most, and even what topics they’re researching online. Use Relationship data to understand who and how much the people in your target accounts are interacting with you and the rest of your team.

Lead-to-Account Matching

Terminus offers lead-to-account matching to automatically identify new or orphaned lead records and push them into the account where they belong. We make it easy for sales teams to focus on the entire buying group without having to lift a finger.

More Sales, Faster

Have your marketing team set up stage-based campaigns to surround your account with the content they need at each stage of your opportunities. As you progress your deals, automated workflows make sure they’re getting the right content in ads, LinkedIn, and every email you send to them.

Predict Your Pipeline

Terminus’ unique Relationship Data can predict your accounts’ propensity to buy through AI that analyzes the frequency, recency, and velocity of communication your team has with buying groups. Understand which opportunities are slowing down so you can get them back on track and identify ones that are least and most likely to close.

Amp Up Your Email

Salespeople send more emails than anyone else in your organization. With Terminus Email Experiences, you’ll have a beautifully branded email signature with a secret weapon: targeted display ads that dynamically adapt to your email recipients to deliver personalized content every time you press ‘send’.

Get a Warm Introduction

Terminus maps and quantifies the relationships that every person in your company has with the rest of the world. Visually map who at your company has relationships with the individuals inside the accounts you’re trying to penetrate. Find the people who have the strongest relationships and get a warm introduction through them.


"I like Terminus because it allows me to plan and evaluate my sales strategies in the best way, in order to optimize them to the maximum and thus get the best possible performance."

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