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Account-based marketing is a team sport.

In order for your ABM program to be successful, it’s crucial that both your sales and marketing teams are involved in setting expectations, defining your goals and KPIs, and determining the role ABM will play at your organization.

Before you begin planning your first ABM campaign, you’ll need to build your core account-based marketing team or a “smarketing” team. The members of this team will vary depending on your organizational needs, but at a minimum, it should be made up of team leads from sales, sales development, and marketing.

For modern B2B organizations, it’s no longer sales against marketing, but a single team: smarketing. The new smarketing team has a new common set of objectives:

Target your ideal accounts
Engage the contacts in your target accounts on the channels where they are active
Advance those accounts quickly through the buying process by creating velocity through content and activities

Think about it in terms of football. Although the offense and defense are completely separate and unique parts of the team, it is important that each player understands all aspects of the game and communicates with the other players and coaches about strategies, plays, and tactics.

When a football team wins the Super Bowl, it isn’t just the offense or the defense who gets the recognition (and the ring); it is the whole team. In order for your smarketing team to be successful, you must communicate, share goals, and play to your individual strengths.

You don’t put your best quarterback on defensive right before game time, or really ever if you know what’s good for your team. You must focus on each individual strengths, then combine them efficiently work together. Every “smarketing” team enables the other.

Of course, many organizations don’t have team members to fill all these roles. Don’t worry — smaller teams with fewer resources can still succeed with account-based marketing. The important thing is to make sure all key stakeholders are represented on your core ABM team and have a say in your goals and strategies.

The same thing goes for your B2B company. Successful marketing to accounts starts with a conversation between marketing, sales, and other key stakeholders within your business.

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