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Our pipeline velocity program at Terminus is based entirely on account-based marketing principles. We utilize the Terminus Framework for Account-Based Marketing to guide our pipeline velocity campaigns, which we break down into three categories. The goal of any pipeline velocity campaign we create is to turn qualified accounts into opportunities and close more deals more quickly.

Two Categories of Pipeline Velocity Campaigns

  • Pipeline Acceleration – Support sales efforts to engage more influencers and decision-makers in target accounts with education, experiences, and evidence aligned to each stage of the buying process.
  • Wake the Dead – Reengage “dead” opportunities to build sales pipeline with accounts that are most likely to close.

Pipeline Acceleration: Automated Campaigns by Sales Stage

To run pipeline acceleration campaigns, we use a strategic combination of account-based Terminus ads, direct mail, and sales outreach.

Terminus pipeline acceleration account-based marketing campaign - activities by buying stage

To keep our audience engaged with relevant content, we deliver different messaging to accounts based on their buying stage. For example, our Terminus ads in the Demo Scheduled stage have a different message and creative from those in the Evaluation stage of the sales process. We use the Terminus platform to automatically serve different ads to accounts as they progress to the next stage.

Ad Creative

Here are real examples of ads we’ve used in a pipeline acceleration campaign. To generate awareness among all the decision-makers at our target accounts, we first served them ads like this one:

Account-based marketing Terminus ad

As they progressed through the sales process, we served them more benefit-centric ads featuring our current customers for an added layer of social proof.

During this process, we use tools like BrightFunnel, Salesforce, and Terminus to track exactly which marketing and sales activities are increasing the velocity of a marketing qualified account (MQA) to an opportunity.

Results of this Pipeline Acceleration Campaign

Some of the results we saw from this pipeline acceleration ABM campaign include:

  • A 12% improvement in win rate within 120 days
  • Tons of love and shout-outs from opportunities on Twitter, especially in relation to our direct mail
  • An increase in prospects telling our AEs, “I see your ads everywhere!”

Metrics We Use to Measure Campaign Effectiveness

  • % increase in progression to the next opportunity stage over a given period of time
  • % increase in MQA to Opportunity conversion rate
  • % decrease in length of progression from one stage to the next
  • % decrease in total sales cycle length
  • % increase in marketing sourced pipeline
  • % increase in engagement at an account level