Personalized prospecting at scale

In collaboration with 30 Minutes to President’s Club, we bring you our account research toolkit, designed to enhance your pipeline, speed up deal cycles, and guide you towards President’s Club.

Boost your sales efforts through a smarter, more personalized sales approach. With our template, easily identify top company/persona based in-market signals and start building tailored follow-up plans that resonate with your prospects today.

With this toolkit you’ll learn

  • Prospect with intent and direction – not disorder
  • Create customized follow up plan for your top prospects
  • Identify champions and avoid blockers

The revenue impact gap

The often-tried and over-done traditional B2B growth strategies aren’t cutting it anymore and the industry is learning that intent data alone isn’t a silver bullet. To hit your revenue target, and to keep your seat at the GTM leadership table, you need to deliver sustainable and efficient growth.

The perfect partner for GTM success.

About Terminus

To meet accounts throughout their entire lifecycle, you need a platform rooted in first-party data that surrounds the buying committee from account acquisition to expansion and renewal.

What makes Terminus the platform for revenue growth?

  • Uncover the best-fit, highest-intent accounts and contacts for your sales team.
  • Multi-channel experiences that surround your target accounts wherever they are with personalized, contextual human experiences at every touch point.
  • Precision digital advertising, retargeting, and differentiated inventory, including Connected TV and Audio.
    Account-centric, tactical playbooks built so you can win at every stage of the revenue flywheel.

Go-to-market alignment

Strategic growth programs

Multi-channel experiences in one platform

Key insights and reporting