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The Terminus ABM Platform

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Prioritize Your
Target Accounts

Use fit, intent, and engagement data to identify and prioritize your target ABM accounts. Our powerful integrations with Salesforce, EverString, Bombora, Marketo, Hubspot, and more make it easy to uncover your ideal customers and prioritize your outreach.

Engage with the
Right People

Drive awareness and create engagement with only the people and companies you want to reach with Terminus account-based display ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Content.

Create a Personalized

Trigger the right ads and content based on where people are in their journey. Automate campaigns that deliver relevant messages at every stage of the sales process across multiple channels.

Activate Sales with Account
Engagement Insights

Forget waiting around for leads to fill in forms. Now you can see which accounts are active on your website and activate your sales team to take the right action at the right time.

Measure Your
ABM Success

See your success from an account-based perspective, understand the account journey, and see which programs drive pipeline and revenue from target accounts.

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Partner with the ABM Experts

We’ll help you define and execute on your account-based strategy


Our dedicated professionals will help you get up and running with the Terminus quickly so you can begin delivering value from day one. Onboarding programs are focused on business outcomes and align with your unique goals, ensuring measurable success through platform launch.

"The onboarding has been phenomenal. Probably the most ‘white glove’ SaaS onboarding we've ever gone through."

Matt Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group

Customer Success

The Terminators stick with you no matter what challenges you face. As a Terminus customer, you'll be paired with a dedicated customer success manager to support you throughout your ABM journey, ensuring your campaigns and execution are optimal.

"Our customer success manager has been extremely helpful and very responsive throughout my entire experience with Terminus."

Hiba Amin, Marketing Coordinator at Limelight Platform

Professional Services

Terminus offers an array of services to our customers. Services include Strategic Consulting, Platform Management, Advanced Managed Reporting, and Ad Creative Services. We have a tailored set of packages to fit your needs and can create custom offering that is unique for your business as well.

"Terminus is excellent to work with, from the setup of marketing campaigns to the strategic advice and optimization of campaigns."

Jeremy Middleton, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at Pramata

Akamai shortened their sales cycle by 28%

"We use Terminus to engage different personas and verticals with the right message. Best of all, it’s scalable and automated."

- Jenny Coupe, Sr. Marketing Director at Akamai

28% decrease in their sales cycle


#FlipMyFunnel 2018 B2B Sales and Marketing Conference

We’re setting out to create a different kind of conference. One that is about you, the marketing and sales practitioner. At #FlipMyFunnel, you will attend practical, no fluff sessions with 1,000 like-minded professionals who are right in the trenches with you.

These practitioner-led sessions will be presented by your peers as well. People who know where you are and know how to help you become a master of your craft and a hero in your organization. They have experienced the challenges you are facing and have figured out how to overcome them.

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