How B2B Marketers Identify and Engage Best-Fit Accounts – Faster

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Account based marketing increases TTEC’s marketing-driven pipeline by 366%

"Terminus has bridged the gap in our fit and intent modeling. Terminus enables TTEC to engage with target accounts beyond traditional tactics."

- Jeff Marcoux, VP of Product Strategy & Marketing at TTEC

700% more engagement from target accounts


Prioritize & Segment Accounts with the
Account Hub

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Run Multichannel Campaigns with
Account-Based Advertising

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Turn Engagement Data into Actionable
Sales Insights

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Optimize ABM & Report at All Levels with
Account-Based Analytics

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Your ABM Journey Begins with Terminus

Align on the Right
Target Account Lists

Account-based tactics begin with the right account lists, unifying marketing and sales around the best fit, most engaged accounts and ideal buying committee personas. Terminus turns your first and third party data into actionable insights to manage and prioritize these lists.

Engage the Right People,
Wherever They Are

B2B buyers begin evaluating products long before they’re ready to fill out a form. That’s why digital advertising is critical to ABM success. Terminus streamlines your international display and LinkedIn ads with precision targeting and ad sequencing abilities.

Personalize the Entire
Account Journey

To get messaging right at an account level, you must manage different personas, buying stages, and channels - optimizing across them all. Account Hub and advanced triggers let you easily automate campaigns through every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Activate Sales with Account
Engagement Insights

Forget waiting around for leads to fill in forms. Gain visibility into which accounts are active on your website — even if they’re browsing anonymously — and trigger your sales team to take targeted action sooner.

Report on Your Efforts
at the Account Level

Our platform is designed around accounts from the ground up, giving you full-funnel reporting out of the box. Visualize the account journey from first engagement, all the way to sale and account expansion. Drill down into which channels and activities drive pipeline, and show the business the full revenue impact of your account-based tactics.

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Partner with the ABM Experts

We’ll help you define and execute on your account-based strategy


Our dedicated professionals will help you get up and running with the Terminus quickly so you can begin delivering value from day one. Onboarding programs are focused on business outcomes and align with your unique goals, ensuring measurable success through platform launch.

"The onboarding has been phenomenal. Probably the most ‘white glove’ SaaS onboarding we've ever gone through."

Matt Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group

Customer Success

The Terminators stick with you no matter what challenges you face. As a Terminus customer, you'll be paired with a dedicated customer success manager to support you throughout your ABM journey, providing strategic and tactical advice for your campaigns and programs.

"Our customer success manager has been extremely helpful and very responsive throughout my entire experience with Terminus."

Hiba Amin, Marketing Coordinator at Limelight Platform

Professional Services

Terminus offers an array of services to our customers, including strategic consulting, platform management, advanced managed reporting, and ad creative services. We have tailored sets of packages to fit your needs and can create custom offering that is unique for your business.

"Terminus is excellent to work with, from the setup of marketing campaigns to the strategic advice and optimization of campaigns."

Jeremy Middleton, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at Pramata

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