Measurement Studio

Go beyond ABM measurement and use Terminus’ analytics to measure the impact of all of your marketing initiatives. From campaign-specific reporting all the way up to board-level dashboards, Terminus Measurement Studio helps you measure and improve everything.

ABM Dashboard

Easily measure the performance and trends of every one of your segments. Stay on top of the numbers and give your executives an easy way to visualize your impact.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Connect your Terminus, CRM, and marketing automation data to create customizable first, last, and multi-touch attribution reports. Terminus doesn’t just measure your ABM campaigns, it measures all of your campaigns.

Opportunity Insights

See the entire story of how your marketing efforts generated new revenue. The entire buyer’s journey is shown, detailing every touchpoint that lead them to become a customer.

Campaign Analytics

Measure every campaign, program, and channel to see how they’re performing. Optimize your programs quickly and with confidence.

Customizable Reporting

With Terminus, you have access to incredible amounts of data. Our reports are endlessly customizable to show you as much- or as little- of that data as you need.

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