Measurement Studio

A robust attribution suite that measures how your GTM teams generate revenue.

Measure your ABM program alongside the rest of your go-to-market strategy to show how your team is impacting pipeline and revenue. From board-level dashboard all the way down to campaign-specific reporting, Terminus Measurement Studio helps you measure and improve your entire revenue strategy.


CMO Dashboard

Terminus boils down your most important marketing and revenue metrics into a single dashboard that gives executives easy, at-a-glance performance reporting. Prepping for your board meeting just got so much easier.

Multi-Touch Digital and Revenue Attribution

Connect your CRM and Marketing Automation data to Terminus to create fully customizable first-, last-, and multi-touch attribution reports. Terminus doesn’t just measure your ABM program, it measures your entire go-to-market program.

360º View of the Revenue Journey

The buyer’s journey looks different for every one of your customers. Terminus’ Opportunity Insights shows the entire story of how your go-to-market efforts generated new revenue in vivid detail. From content downloads to ad clicks to sales emails, every detail is there to inform your future go-to-market approach.

Campaign Analytics

Measure every campaign, program, and channel to see how they’re performing in concert. With all your analytics in one place, you can holistically optimize your entire sales and marketing strategy.

Customizable Reporting

Terminus turns the incredible amounts of reporting data your go-to-market program generates into easy to understand reports that you can use to take action. Our reports are endlessly customizable to show you as much, or as little, as you need.

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