How do CMOs deliver sustainable growth solutions?

It was hard before budget scrutiny ramped up.

CMOs, how do you build a revenue engine?

You’re tasked with adapting to a market environment that is constantly in flux. And it’s within that environment that you’re expected to create sustainable revenue growth — all with a tighter budget.

We were built to solve the problems you face.

Market dynamics make it hard

Buyers are hiding behind anonymous browsing. Decision makers are difficult to reach and demand more personalized experiences. Terminus ensures that every dollar spent hits the target — and ties back to your goals throughout the funnel.

Engage target accounts across the entire lifecycle

With Terminus helping you, you’ll identify best-fit customers and start talking to them. With the right customers coming on board, they’ll stay longer, buy more, and become brand advocates.

Fill your pipeline and close the revenue impact gap.

Optimize go-to-market at every stage

Companies’ disproportionate focus on new business is understandable, but it’s not enough to hit revenue goals on its own. Let us show you what you can do across the entire revenue flywheel with the right resources and impeccable timing.

Brand Awareness Build Pipeline Pipeline Acceleration Retention Expansion

Revenue Flywheel

  • Brand Awareness
  • Build Pipeline
  • Accelerate Pipeline
  • Retain Customers
  • Expand Customers
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Whether entering new markets or going after a new ICP, a brand-awareness play gets buyers familiar with your brand so that when the time arrives to pursue a decision on a solution, you have a place in that discussion. You can focus attention on cold accounts that would be ideal for your solution, or accounts that are showing intent but haven’t engaged with your brand.

Build Pipeline

Build Pipeline

Once familiar with your brand, buyers can enter pre-opportunity nurture programs that can retarget based on interactions with your website and email marketing. You can build a base of knowledge with your prospects, and even include closed-lost opportunities to build pipeline with those most likely to buy.

Accelerate Pipeline

Accelerate Pipeline

The right messaging at the right time can get a deal unstuck. You can multi-thread into prospect accounts by engaging the entire buying committee. You can even support high-priority and late-stage deals with 1:1 campaigns. Over time, you’ll see deal velocity and conversion rate between opportunity stages improve as you grow in your ability to move prospects to a decision.

Retain Customers

Retain Customers

Customer retention isn’t a single conversation at the end of your contract—it’s the entire journey with your company. Get ahead of your renewal conversations with proactive messaging on ROI, product adoption and best practices throughout the entire lifecycle. As your renewal inches closer, get insight into the competitive research they may be doing so you can have more meaningful conversations.

Expand Customers

Expand Customers

Never hear your customers say “Oh, I didn’t know your company did that” again. Educating your customers exponentially increases your opportunities for cross selling and upselling. If you need a way to get ahead of new divisions or business units, Terminus makes it simple.

Align marketing activities with metrics that matter

Whether you’re speaking to the board, the CEO, or your GTM teams, Terminus gives you cross-functional visibility—and the alignment you’ve always wanted—by tying everything back to pipeline and revenue.

Terminus was built by marketers, for marketers. Whatever your role, we have the tools and team to help you succeed, and the data you need to prove it.