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Deploy coordinated, targeted ad campaigns that reach exactly the right individuals at the right accounts to provide a personalized advertising experience.

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Targeted Advertising

Terminus allows you to run precision-targeted ad campaigns across 69 different ad networks and over 400,000 websites globally. Our hybrid approach to ad targeting delivers unbeatable match rates and 2X lower fraud rates than industry average,combining the best of cookies and IP-identification, including targeting based on email recipient location. In the new work-from-home world, there’s simply no one better at helping you reach your audience.

Terminus puts your ads in front of your audience on sites like:

Precision Targeting

Some of the most brilliant digital advertising experts in the world work at Terminus and can optimize your ad strategy across the most robust ad network in the industry.

WFH Ready

Unlike other providers, Terminus’ unique targeting technology makes sure your ads get in front of the right people - whether they’re at home, on the road, or in the office.

Transparent Ad Reporting

Get a clear view of how your ads are performing and influencing buying groups at the individual and account level. Our fraud rates are so low, we’re not afraid to show you that either.

Contextual Advertising

Display ads are even more powerful when shown on websites that relate to topics you care about. Use Terminus to focus your spend on websites that are contextually relevant to your business and see even better results.


Retargeting is built right into Terminus, making it easy for you to advertise more efficiently and increase click-through rates up to 10x.

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Intelligently Target Humans

As your buying committee grows and more people visit your website, Terminus retargets your ads to keep everyone engaged.

Optimize Your Ad Spend

Want to double down on the accounts that are most engaged? Or maybe you need to amp up your ads on accounts you haven’t engaged with yet. Terminus makes it happen in a few clicks.

Side-by-Side Reporting

Get an at-a-glance view of how your retargeting ads are performing compared to your general campaigns to make sure you’re investing where it matters most.

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