Data Studio

All great native, multi-channel ABM campaigns start with great data. Identify custom audience segments, leverage firmographic data on 70 million businesses, and create precise and relevant audiences from first- and third-party data sources all from the Terminus Data Studio.

Connect with your most important accounts using data you can trust.

All the data you need to drive your multi-channel marketing program.

The Terminus Data Studio is built to drive your marketing program forward with trustworthy data sources and seamless data orchestration. Take your targeting to the next level with data that moves the needle.

Go Beyond Account Targeting

Craft target segments and create immersive, personalized customer journeys.

Data Studio screenshot

Departmental and Title Targeting

Serve ads to the entire company, specific departments, or automate departmental targeting as it makes sense for your customer lifecycle.

Data Studio screenshot

Prioritize Accounts with AI

Target accounts automatically that are ready to buy with our AI-powered engagement models. Enable your customer-facing teams to be the first ones at the table with your hottest accounts.

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Create Immersive Customer Journeys

Deliver the most relevant messages and content along every step of the entire customer journey, not just the first touch. Create stage-based campaigns to keep opportunities engaged and increase sales velocity, automatically.

Psychographic Profiling

Target new accounts based on your best customers. Explore accounts based on the messages and activity they’re displaying, or tell us who your favorite customer is and we’ll give you hundreds of similar accounts, instantly.