Intent Data

Terminus gives sales and marketing teams a crystal ball that shows them who their next best opportunities are– and how likely they are to become your next customer. Combining our first- and third-party intent data shows you exactly who your team needs to be giving their focus.


Find out exactly who searching the web for your company, your competitors, or your solution.


Understand who among the millions of G2’s monthly users are already in the research phase for a solution like yours.

Relationship Data

Terminus’ proprietary Relationship Data shows if an account is likely to make a purchase– or if you need to crank up the marketing to increase engagement.

Select the right accounts and maintain prioritization through the entire buying journey.


Every Terminus account comes standard with intent topics, powered by Bombora. Use intent data to identify which businesses are actively researching your products and services, signaling when and what they want to hear from you.

Right Place, Right Time (Every Time)

Create campaigns that start promoting your brand to companies that are showing intent interest in your product or service. Head off the competition by being their first impression and activate your sales team to reach out to interested companies at exactly the right time.

Intent Powered by Bombora (Free)

25 intent topics

Real-time data feed to launch campaigns from Terminus instantly

Initial onboarding and keyword strategy

Bombora Growth Package (Add On)

25 intent topics

Full access to Bombora platform

3rd party CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, and LinkedIn integrations.

Instantly target people searching for your solution (or your competitors') with Terminus + Bombora


Millions of buyers visit G2 every month to research B2B solutions like yours. Terminus integrates directly with G2 to bring the power of G2 intent data directly into your ABM strategy at no extra cost.

Automatically TargetResearching Companies

Your next customer is learning about you and your competitors on G2. Use this data to automatically start targeting them with the right competitive information and edge out the competition.

Prioritize Your Hottest Opportunities

With great demand comes ruthless prioritization. Use G2 intent signals to make sure the most interested accounts are getting the most attention from your sales teams.

Relationship Data

Accounts don’t buy– people do. Terminus offers first-party Relationship Data that maps every relationship everyone in your company has with the people in your target accounts and then quantifies the strength of those relationships. Understand engagement, get warm introductions, and gauge propensity to buy, all at a personal level.

See all the relationships your coworkers have with a specific company or contact and see how those relationships have improved or degraded.

By measuring the breadth of your account penetration and the strength of those relationships, you can predict whether they’re likely to buy or if you need to engage them further.

With a view into every relationship that exists between your coworkers and the rest of the world, you can visualize your company’s professional network and create warm introductions through people you both trust.

"I love the ability to layer on intent topics to hit accounts in our CRM when they're searching for topics relevant to our industry. It's truly a gamechanger in marketing.”

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