Create a renewal journey that turns at-risk customers into advocates

Not only are your customers a captivated audience, but they stand to benefit from a deeper, more immersive relationship with you. What are you doing to go deeper?

Renewal isn’t a single conversation.

It’s a mindset.

If asking your customer about renewal feels awkward, you haven’t built the foundation you need.

Terminus makes it simple to get ahead of that conversation by segmenting customers based on renewal date, at-risk status, product package, or any other first-party data point. And then you can create surround-sound digital experiences that are tailored to their needs.

Consider your Customers Off-The-Market

With intent data powered by Bombora, Terminus can alert you when customers begin to show buying signals in the marketplace. While they might not tell you openly that they’re researching competitors, you can stay one step ahead.

So whether you’re up against marketing noise from direct competitors, or customers are unaware of your full offering and are searching for alternatives, you can serve the right messaging at just the right time.

Customer Success

Increase and maintain recurring revenue with a deeper understanding of account health through intent. Identify red flags for churn faster, and proactively work to prevent canceled contracts

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Customer Marketing

Impact the full customer lifecycle by surrounding accounts as they onboard, activate, and approach renewal. Personalize the customer experience based on their stage of the journey. 

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Empower customer-facing teams to activate and understand data about the health of their book of business. Surface insights to impact renewal and increase retained revenue.

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Aligning skills to maximize retention

While the link between GTM activity and retention has often felt like a black box, Terminus reporting delivers insight into how efforts from marketing, sales, and customer success are improving retention and revenue growth. In the absence of traditional metrics like form fills or demo requests, stronger customer marketing doesn’t just justify this level of insight, it demands it.

Optimize go-to-market at every stage

Companies’ disproportionate focus on new business is understandable, but it’s not enough to hit revenue goals on its own. Let us show you what you can do across the entire revenue flywheel with the right resources and impeccable timing.

Brand Awareness Build Pipeline Pipeline Acceleration Retention Expansion

Revenue Flywheel

  • Brand Awareness
  • Build Pipeline
  • Accelerate Pipeline
  • Retain Customers
  • Expand Customers
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Whether entering new markets or going after a new ICP, a brand-awareness play gets buyers familiar with your brand so that when the time arrives to pursue a decision on a solution, you have a place in that discussion. You can focus attention on cold accounts that would be ideal for your solution, or accounts that are showing intent but haven’t engaged with your brand.

Build Pipeline

Build Pipeline

Once familiar with your brand, buyers can enter pre-opportunity nurture programs that can retarget based on interactions with your website and email marketing. You can build a base of knowledge with your prospects, and even include closed-lost opportunities to build pipeline with those most likely to buy.

Accelerate Pipeline

Accelerate Pipeline

The right messaging at the right time can get a deal unstuck. You can multi-thread into prospect accounts by engaging the entire buying committee. You can even support high-priority and late-stage deals with 1:1 campaigns. Over time, you’ll see deal velocity and conversion rate between opportunity stages improve as you grow in your ability to move prospects to a decision.

Retain Customers

Retain Customers

Customer retention isn’t a single conversation at the end of your contract—it’s the entire journey with your company. Get ahead of your renewal conversations with proactive messaging on ROI, product adoption and best practices throughout the entire lifecycle. As your renewal inches closer, get insight into the competitive research they may be doing so you can have more meaningful conversations.

Expand Customers

Expand Customers

Never hear your customers say “Oh, I didn’t know your company did that” again. Educating your customers exponentially increases your opportunities for cross selling and upselling. If you need a way to get ahead of new divisions or business units, Terminus makes it simple.

Why Terminus?

We built a B2B go-to-market platform with marketers in mind. Here’s how we’re different than the competition:

  • Best-in-class advertising with 60% lower CPMs and no fixed rates, 85% lower fraud rate and 90% brand safety
  • More ad targeting options, including title, department, and contextual
  • Privacy compliant and post-cookie proof advertising
  • The most native engagement channels of any ABM platform, including conversational marketing, web personalization, LinkedIn, connected TV, audio ads, and more
  • Expert digital, strategy, and support teams with years of experience supporting ABM efforts
  • Step-by-step playbooks for use cases across the entire customer lifecycle

The power of our platform

B2B Advertising

Surround and expand your buying committee across the web with display, audio, video, and LinkedIn ads.

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Conversational Marketing

Convert website visitors with our native chatbot and live chat.

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Email Signature Marketing

Turn every employee email into a targeted marketing channel.

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Web Personalization

Personalize onpage and pop-up web content for any target segment.

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