GTM Insights

ABM is not just marketing, it’s your entire revenue team working together to create a connected customer experience. GTM Insights helps your sales and CS teams work smarter by providing them with powerful data and new ways to engage prospects and customers showing activity.

Easy Access to Actionable Insights

  • Pull your Terminus data into your CRM so your sales team doesn’t need to log into another platform.
  • Surface weekly sales emails to identify the most engaged and surging accounts.
  • Quantify the relationships between your team and their opportunities to help forecast pipeline.

Monitor Intent Signals

  • Find accounts that are in-market through a combination of firmographic and psychographic data, native to the Terminus platform.
  • Personalize outreach to prospects and strike while the iron is hot.
  • Integrations with G2 and Bombora are available to provide sales reps with even more intent data.

Optimize Your ABM Strategy

  • Leverage account intelligence for prioritization, personalization, and coordination.
  • See the full picture of how your accounts are engaging with your entire go-to-market program.
  • Visualize an account’s unique buying journey with a timeline mapping marketing and sales touchpoints and engagement.

Bazaarvoice Bridged the Gap Between Sales & Marketing With Terminus

While building their ABM program, a big focus for Bazaarvoice was re-educating and re-exciting the sales and customer success team about ABM so the entire team could target accounts more strategically. After just one quarter, they saw:


increase in pipeline in the enterprise segment compared to the control group


increase in average deal size

Account Insights

See exactly who is on your website, trending for intent, recent activity, contacts, and more all where sales lives, SFDC.

Weekly Sales Email

Deliver top engaged accounts and accounts surging on intent from that past week to your rep’s inbox.

The power of our platform

B2B Advertising

Surround and expand your buying committee across the web with display, audio, video, and LinkedIn ads.

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Conversational Marketing

Convert website visitors with our native chatbot and live chat.

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Email Signature Marketing

Turn every employee email into a targeted marketing channel.

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Web Personalization

Personalize onpage and pop-up web content for any target segment.

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