Terminus Platform Integrations

Integrate Terminus with your existing Martech stack

Terminus combines all of your account intelligence to manage audiences and power in market campaigns through account-based advertising, CRM workflows, and marketing automation.

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Marketing Automation


Drive Email Campaigns with Behavioral Account Intelligence

Automate email campaigns with Terminus intent and behavioral data through our Salesforce connector. Measure Pardot campaign efficacy at the account level, across every program.

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Unite Inbound and Account-Based Marketing

Use audiences from your existing marketing automation to launch account-based advertising. Get enhanced measurement for your multi-channel marketing programs.

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Accelerate Your Demand Generation Programs

Move accounts automatically into Terminus digital advertising campaigns based on Marketo’s account scores and other criteria. Provide air cover for net new accounts and nurture those not ready for sales outreach.

Fit & Behavioral Data


Automatically link intent data to your CRM accounts and launch behavior-based ads on display and LinkedIn. Deliver intent intel to sales.

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Leverage industry-leading relationship scoring to power account-based campaigns at scale.

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G2 Crowd

Add G2 Crowd intent data to Account Hub to create audiences and launch dynamic advertising campaigns.

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Use Everstring to discover high-fit accounts and flow them into Terminus for immediate account-based advertising into the right companies and functions.

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Launch CRM-Enabled Advertising and Deliver Critical Sales Intelligence

Launch stage-based advertising plays, deliver behavioral account intelligence to sales on the Account object, unlock prioritization reports for SDRs and AEs, see campaign performance, opportunity journey mapping, and high-level revenue performance of programs.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Manage Account Audiences and Measure Revenue Results

Add intent and engagement data to your target accounts, map opportunity journeys, measure high-level revenue performance of programs with Scorecard, and unlock dashboards for every marketing user.

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Sales Automation



Keep Marketing and Sales Programs in Lockstep

Prioritized accounts with a one-click add to your team’s Salesloft cadences.




Automate Targeted Social Campaigns Based on Data

Reach decision makers at the right time by creating dynamic account audiences that will flow in and out of specific LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns automatically – based on stage, intent, engagement, and relationship data.

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