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Marketing Channels Examples

When deciding on a campaign strategy, it is very important to consider the various options for marketing channels. In this case, “channels” refers to the general categories of outlets that can be used for your advertising. They include TV, internet banner ads, social media, other online outlets, print newspapers, and more. As you can see, some of them have been around for decades, while others are relatively new.

If you are just getting started with planning ad campaigns, it’s a good idea to look at plenty of marketing channel examples before you choose your outlets. You should also pick up a wide variety of informational articles on the concept. Download a marketing channel strategy PDF, an importance of marketing channels PDF, and a general marketing channels PDF to get started. Then, if you’re going to market products that are in a unique niche, look for information that is specific to that category. For example, you can get a pharmaceutical marketing channels PDF if you’re in that business.

In order to get a good handle on which situations call for which channels, be sure to read about the role of marketing channels with examples. Our The Environment of Marketing Channels PDF can help with this. The strong presence of the internet and other data-driven channels makes it so that it’s also a good idea to pick up a focused set of digital marketing channels examples. This will ensure that you not only get the big picture, but also an in-depth look at one of the most important channels of our times.

Marketing Channel Strategy

Once you have several examples at hand, you’ll need a way to organize and keep track of them all. One of the best ways to do this is to create a slide deck. You can make a functions of marketing channels PPT, a strategy in marketing channels PPT, a digital marketing channels PPT, a channel management in marketing PPT, and a nature and importance of marketing channels PPT to start. This makes it easier to see which channels will best fit into your marketing channel strategy, as well as how they’ll fit.

After you’ve digested all of this information, it’ll be time to start the marketing channels PPT that you’ll use to develop your own strategy. At first, simply add ideas and notes to get things rolling. Then, as you flesh out how everything applies to your business, go ahead and develop your PPT into a full-fledged custom strategy.

At this point, it’s time to bring in the rest of your team. With them, refine your strategy to incorporate any good points that they bring up. Finally, you’ll have a blueprint for action that everyone is on board with. Once you have it, it’s go time. Start putting your strategy into action with specific steps and specific people assigned to them. Everyone should have a good idea of not only the desired general direction, but of which steps to take to reach the end-goal.

What Are Marketing Channels?

If you’re brand new to using marketing channels, you might still be asking “just what are marketing channels?” In short, they are different types of outlets for your advertising. Often, there are different types of marketing channels for B2B and B2C companies, but there is also some overlap.

In B2B, you’ll find that there are plenty of digital marketing channels. The simple digital marketing channels definition is any channel that relies on online or electronic means of access. Examples include LinkedIn, email, your site, chat, retargeting, banner ads, and more.

These, however, are just some of the possible marketing channels types. Old-line media, such as newspapers and TV, are also marketing channels. Note that in this sense, “TV” is a single marketing channel, as opposed to being just a single television station.

Since there are many outlets that count as digital marketing channels, there are also many types of digital marketing. Some are very high-touch and involve direct contact with potential customers, while others target audiences more broadly.

To get a broader marketing channels summary, check out the Terminus Resource Hub. It has plenty of examples and articles, and includes information both at the broad level and that drills down into the specifics of each option.

Importance Of Marketing Channels

There’s no doubt about the importance of marketing channels when it comes to letting people know about your product. However, exactly which marketing channels will be important varies depending on the year, the type of product you are promoting, and which channels your desired audience will likely be using.

Trends affect which product marketing channels will be prominent at any given time. Short-term trends are especially important when it comes to electronic media. For example, the digital marketing channels 2019 users preferred are different from the preferred digital marketing channels 2020. In fact, new digital channels emerge all the time, while old ones that were once popular often disappear. The purpose of marketing channels also changes. One thing that does not change, though, is the need for marketing channels. Companies will always require ways to get their messages out.

It is important to keep in mind that there are different functions of marketing channels. Some are better for direct engagement with prospects, while others are best at delivering a single message to masses of people. Therefore, when you make or obtain a marketing channels list, you should note these different functions next to each name. This will help you optimize your ad spend and social media activities accordingly. Pick up a “functions of marketing channels slideshare” from Terminus for more information.

Another important factor to remember is that which product marketing channels will work best depends partly on the type of product in question. Digital products are more easily marketed via digital channels, while hard goods often do well with a strategy that includes some hard copy channels such as newspapers and magazines. That said, digital marketing should be a component of nearly every marketing strategy.

How much information you want to include with your marketing should also influence which channels you choose. Content marketing channels, such as review sites or article publishers, give you the most room to go into detail. Meanwhile, if you just want to get your brand out there and have people click for more information, banner ads and pay-per-click advertising often work better.

Your goals, product type, industry, and intended audience should all go into deciding which marketing channels are the most important for your campaign. With careful consideration, you can match all of these up to perfectly optimize your game plan.

Role Of Marketing Channels

In order to ensure that your time and money produce results, you must decide on a specific goal and then develop a cohesive strategy before investing in marketing. This will ensure that the investment is spent in a coordinated manner that will actually bring results.

The role of marketing channels in your strategy will depend on which goal you decide on. Do you want to get new customers, retain more of your old ones, book more meetings, or something else? In some cases, a digital marketing strategy is best or digital channel strategy is best. However, add-ons and upsells often do well with a distribution channel strategy.

You should also put some attention onto the channel image of each option you are considering. What is channel image in marketing? It’s the type of experience, look, and feel that people associate with each channel. For example, people expect a certain type of interaction if they go on Reddit, something else if they go on LinkedIn, and a completely different experience if they’re on Twitter. Matching digital marketing tactics and channels can be crucial to success and avoiding faux pas.

One way to help keep track of everything is to keep plenty of marketing channels notes. Even if you don’t use the PPT system described earlier, you can keep a set of notes that start with the marketing channel strategy meaning and go all the way down to the finest points. A notepad or whiteboard will work fine.

Notes also help you make and keep track of the steps involved in channel strategy planning and execution. You can also keep tabs on the function of marketing channel members of your team, so you know who to follow up with and for what.

You may still have other questions, such as “what is the major role of marketing channels in supply chains?” If so, be sure to check the Terminus Resource Hub. It has information to answer all sorts of questions of this nature.

Marketing Channel Levels

Marketing channels can be categorized into several levels. Some are best used for direct engagement with your top customers or prospects, while others are better for reaching the masses. Therefore, you should make a list that prioritizes them according to your goals. You should also divide them up based on whether or not they are digital. There are six main digital marketing channels, and several non-digital options.

What are the six primary digital marketing channels? For some, they are targeted digital advertising, website, chat, email, retargeting, and LinkedIn advertising. This list works well for many B2B companies. However, if you are running a B2C operation, you will find that some changes are in order. For example, B2C end-consumers are highly unlikely to look at LinkedIn, so you’ll want to sub out that site with one that’s more oriented to the general public.

When considering which of these to prioritize, it’s important to conduct an ongoing marketing channel analysis as it pertains to ROI. This ensures that you are actually getting the desired returns, rather than just making assumptions about which are best. If your analysis shows something other than what you expected, adjust your prioritization accordingly.

Before you can do that, you’ll need to set up an initial strategy. Start with a marketing channel strategy template and customize it according to what you already know. Then, adjust it over time as the results come in.

One thing you should consider when setting up your strategy is whether you want a horizontal or vertical marketing channel system. A vertical marketing system is a form of B2B marketing channel system that reaches businesses in different parts of the same industry, while a horizontal one involves different businesses that are at the same level. There are different marketing channel system functions and flows between them, so your choice should depend on your overall strategy.

You should also think about how does channel strategy relate to marketing strategy. The priority level of a marketing channel will depend on your overall marketing strategy, so be sure to consider this aspect. When both of these factors are well-aligned, your marketing will be more efficient, and your efforts will be maximized.