ABM for Customer Marketing

From churn risk to evangelist

In a landscape of low switching costs and high competition, closing new deals is only half the battle. Today’s B2B marketing teams have to constantly delight customers to bring them from new user to power user to evangelist.

Terminus’ account-based multi-channel orchestration and churn intent alerts can help.

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Multi-channel customer development orchestration

Use account-based customer marketing to keep track of customer cohorts and send precision messaging at the right time to reduce churn, increase feature utilization, and promote cross-selling opportunities.

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Detect churn risk earlier with intent signals

Account Hub lets you join your utilization data with dynamic intent and engagement signals to keep track of churn risks and take action faster.

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Surface high-value offerings at the right time

Streamline your retention program with targeted multichannel campaigns that help customers discover all of your offerings, at the right time.

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Stay top of mind with your evangelists

Stoke the flames of passion among your biggest fans with personalized messaging and offers that show you care.

Make customer marketing multi-channel

Drive awareness of features that add value

You’re coming out with amazing features, products, and services all the time. But not everyone reads your emails. Maximize adoption through surround-sound product announcements across email and digital advertising.

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Stay top-of-mind with your best advocates

The best customer marketers spend as much time enabling evangelists as saving at-risk customers. We help you get in front of key evangelists with targeted programs that keep them at the cutting-edge of their field, so you can help them look awesome.

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Craft targeted winback programs

Once a customer has disengaged, it’s hard to get them back over email. Account-based advertising has become the gold standard in getting back in front of customers who have dropped off, and give them a nudge in the right direction. Terminus makes it easy to automate these campaigns using your existing customer health infrastructure as triggers.

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Manage retention like a champ

Terminus makes tracking customer intent, engagement, and utilization easily. Identify accounts that are ready for expansion, considering a competitor, or showing signs that they might need a little help with adoption.

We make it easy to act on customer behavior – fast!

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Combine intent with utilization data to pinpoint account health

Marry competitor and use-case-specific intent signals from across the web with your own engagement, relationship, and utilization data to segment your user base into cohorts based on churn risk or evangelism.

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Get the word out in a way that’s better than email

Advertising isn’t just for acquisition marketers anymore. Our account-based advertising gives customer marketers an efficient way to get in front of the entire buying committee, even if they’re not checking their email. Make sure the right personas know what you can do for them.