10 Reasons Revenue Summit Makes a Great Team Offsite

Offsite meetings are essential to facilitating quality ideas and conversation across teams. They allow for creativity and team-building without the stuffiness and mundane nature of conference rooms you use weekly in your office. Team offsite meetings boost morale from a top-down perspective, starting with your team leader down to your intern!

In fact, we created a quick template for you to send to your boss to convince them to send you and your team to Revenue Summit! Just click to download, fill it out, and send to your boss!

So, what will take your upcoming offsite meeting to the next level?

Going to Revenue Summit in San Francisco as a team!

Nothing shows your commitment and dedication to your team’s development like sponsoring a trip to a different city (Silicon Valley of all places) to an event that stresses sales and marketing alignment and will present your whole team with actionable strategies to help drive revenue.

There will be teams just like yours at the same stage you’re in with implementing account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing is taking off like a rocket in 2017 after being one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing for 2016. Though the concept is rapidly gaining traction, a lot of marketers still don’t know where to get started. Imagine having the opportunity to bounce ideas around with like-minded teams who may have already crossed the same bump in the road you’re facing?

Strengthen relationships across departments/teams

Account-based marketing cannot work unless sales and marketing teams do. And not working independently – but together like a well-oiled ABM machine. Sales and marketing, or smarketing, are the glue that hold a successful ABM program together. Bringing members (think team leaders) from both teams to learn how to sync up to thrust efforts into revenue and customer acquisition overdrive!

Imagine the productivity/creativity boost

Offsite meetings are helpful for breaking away from the confines of the same scenery that our everyday offices has to offer. A lot of the times being in the office can stifle creativity and serve as a barrier to productivity. Hosting your next team offsite at Revenue Summit will incite excitement and help get the creative juices flowing for you and your team.

Face to face interactions with top B2B thought leaders and practitioners

With keynotes ranging from Facebook CMO Gary Briggs to former Hubspot CPO David Cancel, the opportunities to skip sending that cold email to industry leaders are endless. There’s no substitute for in-person communication and being able to share and discuss ideas with executives from companies like Salesforce, Terminus, and Hootsuite will make having your team offsite priceless.

Team building

Regardless if your team has been together for 5 or 15 years, team building is essential to keeping camaraderie and respect for each other’s difference high. Offsites encourage people to get more understanding of their team member’s likes and dislikes, even if it’s just through non-verbal communication. Also, offsite meetings allow personalities and uniqueness to shine! Working in a office/corporate setting tends to make people feel as if they have to shield certain characteristics on a day-to-day basis, but encouraging team building exercises that help understand each other outside can help teammates break away from their office personas and relate to one another in different ways. Use the Revenue Summit as the perfect opportunity to facilitate a stronger and healthier team for 2017.


Technology, marketing and sales are interesting industries to work in due to the ever-evolving nature of each one. Nothing stays the same and no two concepts will be defined the same. Attending Revenue Summit as a team will allow you to receive firsthand accounts of the latest technologies, how they’ve worked for companies like yours and the best practices needed to implement them.

Leadership feedback

Providing constructive feedback is essential to working out the kinks of a tried and true approach of a team. Not everyone feels comfortable enough to provide feedback at the weekly meetings, so why not allow that type of fluid conversation to happen at the offsite? Everybody will be allowed to hear everyone out and use the offsite as an open forum.

Different scene that’s not just a hotel conference room or coworking space

Menu options are better than your local cuisine

Have you ever wanted to tell your coworker who swears by Jimmy John’s for lunch that if you see one more Turkey Tom you’re going to scream? The Bay Area is known for its love of sourdough French bread, crepes, and dungeness crab. Ditch the usual team meeting lunch spot and give your team a whole new definition of what offsite lunches and dinner look like.

It’s in San Francisco!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go…there’s a heart, a hand to hold onto. If you can identify with that sentence, you know how special of a place San Francisco is. Since winter took the year off this year, you can expect more beautiful than usual weather in the sunny Bay Area. Take your team for some downtime in Alamo Square, go visit the original “Full House” house, or take in the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco has a lot to offer for tourists even if you’ve frequented the bustling city!

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