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Why the 2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey Needs You

Last year, #FlipMyFunnel delivered the very first state of account-based marketing (ABM) survey report and has helped over a thousand marketers, sales and customer success professionals learn more about this new industry.

Less than half of B2B marketers had an active account-based marketing (ABM) program in place, according to the 2016 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey. That’s a stark contrast to the the 83% of B2B marketers currently practicing ABM who’ve completed the 2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey presented by #FlipMyFunnel and B2B News Network.

Being able to interpret information and compare data like this helps the ABM community come together and evaluate what the pulse is like with their colleagues and evaluate what’s working best for others. These results also help vendors gather the insights on what’s hit and miss with the demands for B2B marketers and how to improve their current technologies to better serve this industry.

This year’s ABM survey is powered by #FlipMyFunnel and B2B News Network in partnership with Bizible, DiscoverOrg, Terminus, Evergage, LookBookHQ, Oceanos, PFL, SnapApp, Triblio and Vidyard to survey B2B marketers globally about their ABM efforts and implementation. Questions tackle level of ABM maturity, marketing and sales alignment strength, to the greatest challenges with implementing ABM.

We’re asking the whys, the hows, the oops, and the yays of what your journey with ABM has looked like so far. Once we receive the data, we analyze and build a report that expands on each question, giving you the opportunity to evaluate and compare your ABM approach to the entire spectrum.

The final date to participate is this Friday, April 7th and we’d love your story. Take five minutes and complete the survey now: 2017 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey.

If you’d like to check out the results of last year’s survey, 2016 State of Account-Based Marketing Survey Report, download it here.