3 Ways to Close More Sales at Every Conversion Funnel Stage

Do you want to turn more leads into actual sales?

Convincing someone to fill out your lead generation web form is the first step. But there’s more to marketing than just that. You need to pay attention to every stage of your marketing funnel. Here’s why:

  • Most people are exposed to multiple touchpoints with your brand before making a decision to buy
  • 198 million people block ads and want more personalized ways to engage with brands

Each component of your digital marketing is another opportunity to capture and convert leads. Here are some creative ways to nurture prospects further into your funnel:

#1: Qualify Leads as You Collect Them

Not every lead is a qualified lead. Some may be unable to afford (or simply not interested in) your services or products. Use your lead gen form to collect job titles, industries, and other information you can use to segment out strong leads and communicate with them effectively.

Allowing users to pull info from social media profiles with Social Autofill makes it easy to collect this data in a noninvasive way. This feature has been shown to increase conversion rates by 189%. You can also build “smart” fields to show and hide questions based on how users respond to previous questions.

#2: Nurture Leads from Subject to Signature

You know the subject line is important. After all, those 50 characters are what will convince someone to open your email in the first place.

But do you spend as much time on the signature? The average 100-employee company misses out on 12,775 engagement opportunities—simply by overlooking email signatures.

By leveraging the email signature block, you can nurture leads further into your funnel without being pushy. Invite people to download your free e-book, register for your upcoming webinar, or subscribe to your monthly newsletter.

This can be a highly effective way to engage and convert leads who are qualified but not yet ready to buy.

#3: Map All Content

Different stages of the conversion funnel require different content. Ready-to-buy prospects typically want free trials and demos while others are still learning about your brand with e-books and white papers.

There’s one step many marketers rush through when mapping this content: what happens after someone fills out your form. Whether they’re requesting a consultation or downloading an e-book, each “submit” button click is yet another opportunity.

You can drive deeper engagement by redirecting prospects to a great “thank-you” page with a secondary call to action. For example: You could ask event registrants to follow you on LinkedIn or offer a one-on-one demo after someone downloads your report.

Best of all? After using these methods to close sales faster, you can reapply each and every one of them to more easily turn new customers into loyal brand advocates.

About the Author

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Chris is the vice president of marketing for Formstack. He is passionate about setting the vision for Formstack’s marketing department, as well as discovering new ways to drive web traffic and leads. Follow Chris on Twitter at @chris_c_lucas.