3 Ways SaaS Marketers Can Use the Email Signature to Generate Leads

For software as a service (SaaS) marketers, generating leads for the top of the funnel can often feel like the bane of their existence. Though SaaS marketers are also typically accountable for conversion rates, cost per lead, opportunities, and countless other metrics, the initial lead is critical as it’s usually the first real interaction with your company.
Often times, these SaaS marketers work alongside their sales counterparts to help craft messages and campaigns for the sales team to use in prospecting key accounts to open the door to conversations. As all of us in the SaaS business know, communicating via email (such as Gmail or Outlook) is perhaps one of the most commonly used methods of prospecting. In fact, the average employee of a company will send 10,000 emails annually! For a SaaS company with just 100 employees, that can quickly escalate to over 1M emails sent annually.
So for SaaS marketers, these email communications can be a prime opportunity for helping sales open the door by using the email signature to generate great, warm leads from those that have already had exposure and communication with your company. How? Here are 3 ways to get started:
1. Prompt Prospects to View a Product Demo Video
When prospecting an individual or a company that is likely unaware of what your company does, give them some easy to digest information in the form of a quick video. Include the call-to-action in the email signature for them to watch this 1-2 minute demo video to gain more of an understanding of what your product or service offers, what the benefits are, as well as quick customer success quotes or logos.
By giving your prospects this information right away, they can determine almost immediately if the product or service could be of use, opening the door to further conversations, rather than seeking to schedule a 30-minute demo out of the gate.
2. Share a Great Customer Success Story
Your customers love your product or service, so why not share some of the successes loud and proud? The email signature is a great place to showcase brands across industry, use case, problem they were solving and more. Use the email signature call-to-action to highlight the customer name and results, then direct the prospect to download the full case study to read more information about how the company achieved the results with your product or service.
Customer success stories are one of the greatest ways to accelerate a conversation – especially if your prospect is aware of the company that’s being discussed. Be proud of your customers and share their stories!
3. Promote a Conference or Event
Inviting your prospect to sign-up for an upcoming conference, tradeshow or field marketing event is a painless way of engaging. By offering something of value to the prospect by means of your email signature, you are showing how your company values education and resources. If your prospect signs up, you’ll have the opportunity to meet him or her face to face at the event or conference, and dive deeper into discovering their needs, goals, as well as have the opportunity to showcase your product or service by providing a personalized demo.
For more information on how your SaaS company can use email to generate leads, check out Sigstr’s latest free resource:
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