[ABM Case Study] 30 Days to ROI with Intent- Fueled ABM with GTreasury

Industry: Financial Services

Company Size: ~199 Employees

Headquarters: Buffalo Grove, IL

GTreasury is the leading innovator of integrated SaaS treasury and risk management solutions for the digital treasurer. Developed using the latest technology, GTreasury helps empower organizations on their path to strategic treasury, by enabling total visibility into their cash, liquidity, payments and financial risk management. GTreasury uses Terminus to discover key enterprise accounts that fit their TAM/ICP who are also researching financial services solutions online and target the decision makers with highly relevant content.


When GTreasury first acquired Terminus’ account-based marketing platform, they began by identifying the shared qualities of their most successful customers in order to determine their ideal customer profile. As they offer a very niche business solution, it was critical that their ABM program focused on only the accounts which had the right revenue range in the right regions.

The challenge for GTreasury was to identify large enterprise companies within a very specific revenue range who historically tracked cash inflow and outflow with internal, siloed spreadsheets. From there, GTreasury could then determine which accounts needed more brand awareness activities versus those who needed acceleration activities.


GTreasury determined they needed to focus on accounts with highly specific firmographics, and they needed to be able to target the decision makers holding treasury specific job functions. With Terminus, they were able to easily build a target account list of accounts already within their CRM who matched their ICP. From there, they could then also filter accounts who were also demonstrating purchase intent for their product category — meaning they were researching topics online that showed strong in-market signals.

“With Terminus, GTreasury was able to see who in our target audience was researching our solution. Then, we could target the decision makers at those accounts with relevant, personalized ads which helped us double our clickthrough rate and get more demos.” – EASTON KOWALSKI | Marketing Ops Lead

With our VisitorID feature, they also gained valuable insight into both anonymous and known web
traffic and could determine which accounts needed more brand awareness activities and which needed acceleration activities. By building specific segments of companies based on their firmographics, engagement, and intent topic relevant to their solution, they could hyper-focus their ad budget on only the accounts that mattered with creative specific to the intent topic they were researching. Then, they were able to use our cookie-based ad targeting to focus their ad budget exclusively on the treasurer and risk manager job functions.

Once engagement increased, they could activate their sales team by including contact-level engagement and account-level intent data on their account record in Salesforce with our Account Insights module.


By building an extremely targeted segment of accounts by ICP criteria and intent topic in the Terminus Account Hub, the GTreasury team was able to build a scalable program which resulted in the following results after only 30 days of using one intent topic: