4 of Our Current FlipMyFunnel Favs

Want to hear from the Chief Heart Officer from VaynerMedia? Learn about breaking the biggest branding myths? Or hearing about failure and why it’s impossible to escape it? 

Maybe you are curious about how a startup called “The Juice” interviewed 100 marketers to craft the perfect brand message. 

If so, then you should check out FlipMyFunnel! It’s a podcast hosted by Sangram Vajre, and Terminus publishes multiple recaps every week sharing episode highlights.

To get you started on the podcast binging, check out four recent episodes that happen to be some of our favorites.

Building a Culture of Empathy

At a global creative and media agency, Chief Heart Officer Claude Silver embraces her own humanity and the 1,200 humans at VaynerMedia. Here are our biggest takeaways, 

In tandem with making employees feel seen — they need to feel empowered. The best way to do this is to provide opportunities for growth. 

Claude provides her team with multiple opportunities for improvement: 

  • An anonymous high-performance life coaching system 
  • At-scale learning and development curriculum 
  • Individualized department training 

A good reminder is that life isn’t just work. We have families, hobbies, passions, insecurities and more. To try and compartmentalize all that makes us human into the hours we’re not at work is no way to live.

Head over here to read her episode’s full blog post! 

Showing Up Consistently & Authentically for Brand Success

David Brier, President of a branding consultancy, DBD International, prioritizes great experiences for customers across every interaction. Here are our biggest takeaways, 

Sadly, the myth that a great product or service will sell itself is shared by many in the industry. No amount of blood, sweat, and tears will save a great product if the branding doesn’t align. 

Lose your entitlement: Your brand’s success is only worth as much as your reaction in times of failure. It’s inevitable that your brand will have pullbacks. If you’re not willing to realize that failure is part of the process and pivot your strategy, your brand will not make it. 

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Marketing Mistakes: How to Pivot & Succeed

This episode is packed with members of the PEAK community all of whom are vulnerable in sharing their biggest marketing failures, and what they learned from them. Here are our biggest takeaways, 

Early on in his career, he (James) was learning how to handle data management and orchestration. One day, he accidentally wiped out all the opportunities and financial data in their CRM. Despite everyone knowing about the mistake, James kept his job and was able to rectify the issue.

“It was a nightmare. It took me four weeks to fix it, but we’ve actually fixed it,” James comments. 

In the early 2000’s, Allison had incorrect emails go out to her 5,000 organic subscribers due to an error with automation. She then had to go through each of the subscribers and apologize for the oversight — the mistake rocked the perception of the brand for each of the subscribers. 

“The biggest takeaway that still sticks with me is it taught me how to be human,” Allison explains.

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How-to Guide to Finding Your Brand’s Message

Jonathan Gandolf created The Juice in 2020, branding it as a “curated discovery platform for marketing and sales content. Like Spotify, but for work stuff”. Here are our biggest takeaways, 

Listening to 100 people explain their pain points, challenges, and opportunities, Jonathan was concerned that each person would have a different concern — making it almost impossible to develop a coherent message across the audience; but, he realized right away after the first 20 to 30 conversations that everyone was saying the same thing in a slightly different way. 

After the 100 conversations, Jonathan not only felt confident that having 1,000 conversations would end in the same results, but it helped paint a very clear picture of what the message should be. Then, when he brings the message back to the audience, it can act as a mirror. 

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