5 ABM Campaign Ideas for Customer Retention and Expansion

A lot of work goes into getting a prospect to become a customer, but what happens after they are locked in? Do revenue teams today strategize and execute marketing campaigns aimed towards current customers? We did some research regarding how much time marketers are spending with current customers and found that 38% said it was a priority last year, and 75% said it was a priority this year.

Retention is key to maintaining revenue and scaling growth. Losing customers is more expensive than gaining new ones. Focusing on current customers also opens the door to expansion. According to OutboundEngine, selling success is 60-70% with current customers versus 5-20% with potential customers.

As the new calendar year and/or fiscal year approaches for many teams, customer retention and expansion is sure to become a big topic of discussion. We’re here to help show you how account-based marketing can help! As featured in this year’s September Issue, here are five ABM campaign ideas for customer retention and expansion that can inspire you for the new year.

Example #1: A Warm Welcome

Bluecore absolutely rocked it with this “welcome” campaign. The various graphic elements make the design pop and there is a clear call-to-action. Executing campaigns that specifically speak to new customers and provide key resources to help with the onboarding transition is a sure way to get your customer relationships off to a good start.

Bluecore came up with this awesome campaign, and Terminus helped get it in front of the right people with the right channels. Teamwork! 🙌

Example #2: Customer Education and Training

The Iterable Academy is a perfect example of branding a digital space full of helpful resources and training. Training courses are essential to making the most out of any partnership and keeping resources accessible to your customers throughout every step of their journey keeps things organized and easy. The softer color palette, minimal shapes, and clear educational message all come together nicely to ensure a positive brand impression with every Iterable customer that sees this.

Example #3: Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback

Love symplr? We do because they clearly value feedback from their customers. Reviews, ratings, and feedback can contain key insights on what’s working and what’s not. Prioritizing customers means celebrating their perspectives, providing avenues to share their thoughts, and having those thoughts viewable to all.

Symplr used this email signature banner for all customer-facing teams and it was a huge success. With over 760 clicks, they effectively used this channel and digital real estate in a way that made a huge impact on their customer marketing strategy.

Example #4: Expansion or Upsell

Like we mentioned in the intro, selling to current customers and expanding those relationships are key, and Personify represents this use case well. What better way to do this than to bundle offerings, upsell, and promote new features?

This campaign used fun brand colors and highlighted “one seamless experience” to catch their reader’s eye. Getting customers to learn more is the first step in the right direction for expansion.

Example #5: Customer Conference

UserTesting’s Human Insight Tour aims to bring together as many customers as possible for an engaging educational experience. Resources, training, and community are all emphasized at this event, so their customer marketing team uses every channel they can to drive customer registration and attendance.

Customer conferences are a great way to provide relevant programming, amplify customer voices, and get customers pumped to be working with you. Rock on, UserTesting. 🎶