5 Campaign Ideas to Drive More Demos With Email Signatures

As a salesperson, your main goal is to close more business and generate more meaningful conversations with prospective customers, right?

However, there are always a few steps leading up to closing business, with the most important step being, you guessed it, activity. As a sales rep, business opportunities are created by those that work hard to prove value, build relationships, and hustle. You are responsible for driving activity, which can come in the form of researching, picking up the phone to call (gasp), sending prospecting emails, following-up, sending relevant content, inviting prospects to events, following-up, sending direct mail – and did I mention following-up? This activity is for one goal: create sales opportunities in order to have the opportunity to close more business. And speaking of activity, did you know the average employee send 10,000 emails annually? That’s a LOT of email activity. How can you put that employee email to work, beyond just the content you type?

As a sales rep myself, I’m in your shoes every single day. I’ve learned 5 ways to generate more business through relevant pieces of content that I add to my personal email signature (think Gmail or Outlook) to drive more action, which results in more opportunities to showcase our solution. And today, I’m sharing those 5 campaign ideas with you:

  1. Request A Demo – Likely the easiest and the most obvious campaign with the most desired outcome: a prospect requesting a demo of your product or service. Request a demo campaigns are effective, but must benefit the customer in some way – get creative on what your prospect will get in return for the 30 minutes they will spend with you.
  2. Case Study – Creating a compelling call-to-action around a relevant case study in your email signature provides a helpful resource for the viewer to see, with the intent of urging them to learn more.
  3. New Marketing Offer – Giving prospects some type of “deal” for agreeing to learn more, they will have a more urgent reason to click on your campaign. This could be a free month of your product, a gift card, early bird pricing to your conference, or even a free cup of coffee if they sign up for a demo. The key is to ensure these offers aren’t continual, but have an explicit end date to create scarcity.
  4. Blog Post – Very similar to a case study, showcasing blog post calls-to-action will provide the reader with more information around specific topics that they care most about, or tips and tricks of how to get the most out of your product or service.
  5. Homepage/Website – If you have a strong marketing website, driving people to your homepage or a specific resources page to learn more, will in turn serve your company well for SEO purposes.

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With all of these pieces of content, the goal is to drive awareness and give something of true value to the reader – not just another sales pitch (which you can be sure they’ll tune out – wouldn’t you?). There are some very easy ways to start testing how the employee email signature could help market for you, such as a graphical call-to-action campaign in the employee email signature that points prospects to easily “request a demo” as explained above. In addition, testing a call-to-action campaign pointing prospects towards new, helpful resources like case studies or a recently awesome blog post, you are giving the reader more information and resources that could be helpful to them.

New marketing offers are unique and should be short lived campaigns. Try using teasers like “this week only”, or “for the new 48hrs!” This way the reader will be getting something extra out of requesting a resource, signing up for an event, or giving you 30 minutes of their time for a demo. It is then up to you, the sales rep, to make ensure the content or the demo is worth every bit of the time they give you.

With all of these pieces of content, you can direct your recipients to a landing page that first that requires some basic information such as name, email address, and company. By having them fill out a bit of brief information, you can generate better qualified leads. If they are engaging with your campaign enough to get to the landing page, they are at least intrigued by your provided resource.

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