5 Emerging Marketing Trends To Implement Now

Marketing trends are constantly changing with time. In order to stay competitive with your company’s marketing strategy, consider trying these 5 marketing tips.

  1. Email Signature Marketing

Employees send an average of 10,000 emails a year, or about 28 a day. Simultaneously, marketing teams allocate significant time and budget on creating new content. An effective way of increasing prospect engagement is injecting marketing CTAs into the employee email signature. This allows marketers to gain millions of brand impressions on their content on every 1:1 email sent. Worried about how you might control that signature? Check out a free trial of Sigstr.

  1. Personalization

A generic email suggests that your product is generic as well. Doing some research before you email a prospect is worth the effort and makes it harder for a prospect to ignore you. A subject line that reads “Congrats on your promotion” will be opened far more times than “Time to connect?” Spend some time on Linkedin, learn what matters most to your prospect and relate your product to their most discussed pain-points.

  1. Visual storytelling

Videos are an exploding trend for several industries. Companies are sharing their story via short video clips to help the prospect understand the personality behind the brand. Whether it’s a product demo recording or a recruitment plug, videos contain a human element that cannot be replicated via text.

  1. Webinars

Your prospects are smart people. Smart people never stop thirsting for more knowledge, especially when it is relevant to their industry and helps them to improve their own performance. Webinars are an effective way of sharing information about your product in an educational fashion. The ability to be (semi) anonymous in participation creates a non-threatening environment for prospects to enter your world and see if what you are doing pertains to them. Have your BDRs follow up to get their feedback on the webinar, and ask if it makes sense to have a further conversation.

  1. Proximity

Marketers get hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Imagine if you changed the script from “let’s connect on the phone for 30 minutes,” to “I’d love for you to swing by our office for lunch on us.” The old school ways of dropping off handwritten notes will gain far more attention than today’s emails. Being close in proximity to your prospects allows this extra step to be more feasible. Also, prospects will be more familiar with your current local clients, gaining your brand more credibility.

Digital marketing strategies will change with the constant advancements in technology. When it comes to driving awareness to your brand and getting noticed, these 5 quick tips are sure to help. Give us your feedback via twitter at @SigstrApp or connect with me on Linkedin to share your thoughts!