The Top Account-Based Marketing Tweets From #SDTechX

The 5 Most Important Account-Based Marketing Tweets From #SDTechX

SiriusDecisions recently hosted their inaugural Technology Exchange in San Francisco. Over the course of two days, the best B2B marketers came together to learn how technology can help align sales and marketing to improve your team’s efficiency.

We came up with our Top 5 tweets from the event that showed how the latest updates in marketing technology (MarTech) relate to account-based marketing and how companies can efficiently flip their funnel. Check them out below:

1. Patience When Implementing an ABM campaign

This is very important and why account-based advertising is so important. Using lead-based marketing strategies, you pour so much into the top of the funnel only to see a limited amount turn into closed-won opportunities. By using account-based marketing, you focus on key accounts and know exactly where your marketing dollars are being spent.   2. How ABM Increases Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing and sales teams must work together for account-based marketing to be successful, and this connection takes time. There are no shortcuts to aligning your sales and marketing teams, but the results from the hard work make it well worth your time. There isn’t a day that goes by here at Terminus that our marketing team doesn’t meet with our sales team and that helps drive a stronger alignment.

3. The Importance of Quality Data

Bad data is a hidden kryptonite to any marketing campaign. Having quality data is important to the identify stage of the #FlipMyFunnel model because it helps you to determine which accounts are worth going after.   4. Marketing Technology #MarTech

Knowing the best #MarTech companies is key because it allows you to compare different technologies to find the one that best fits your organization and its goals. This list shows a variety of industry-leading predictive and prescriptive marketing technology companies.

5. Knowing What Your #MarTech Should Accomplish

Choosing the right MarTech tools can be time-consuming with many different products offering similar features and functions, but it is important to make sure that you choose the right one for your company and its needs. It is important to know what your company needs as opposed to what may help your marketing team’s efficiency.

#SDTechX was a great success and the attendees learned so much about the different technology features available to B2B marketers. Seeing the highlight reel of the best tweets can hopefully give you some insight on the future of the #MarTech space. What were your favorite moments from #SDTechX? Let us know in the comments below.