6 #FlipMyFunnel MarTech Speakers Share Why They’re Excited About the Conference

Here in the Terminus HQ, the buzz about the upcoming #FlipMyFunnel Conference is seriously energizing. My team even “video-bombed” my welcome video the other day because they were so excited.

In case you missed that, check it out:

And now that you’ve had a good laugh at my team’s antics, check out what six of the #FlipMyFunnel speakers told MarTech Advisor when asked why they’re excited about the event.

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB

“I’m most excited about the caliber of speakers at the #FlipMyFunnel event. I can’t wait to hear what they are presenting on, networking with attendees, and learn about new technologies.”

Source: Interview with Meagen Eisenberg – MarTech Advisor

David Raab, Martech Thought Leader

“It’s great to see a systematic approach to the entire customer life cycle, both from the customer-facing and technology perspectives. Most conferences have disjointed programs that cover specific topics well, but don’t give attendees an idea of how the different pieces fit together. That perspective is essential to create coherent customer engagements and to construct a unified marketing infrastructure.”

Source: David Raab Interview – MarTech Advisor

Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData

“Everything about the Flip My Funnel Conference matches what I believe about where the most successful marketers are heading. But, as much as I want to share what I’ve learned, I’m even more eager to sit back and listen to what other people are doing, what they’re seeing, and what they think is coming in the future.”

Source: Adam New-Waterson Interview – MarTech Advisor

Jamie Grenney, VP Marketing at Infer

“The data that marketers have access to today is allowing us to flip the funnel and be much more targeted with who we reach out to, when we reach out, and what message we put in front of them. The technology to realize this vision is just now emerging, so it’s exciting to hear from practitioners like Meagan Eisenberg of MongoDB, who is pushing the limits of marketing stack, and forward-thinking industry analysts like David Raab.”

Source: Jamie Grenney Interview – MarTech Advisor

Allen Gannett, CEO at TrackMaven

“Sales and marketing are both functions riddled with best practices. I’m excited about a conference that is focused around questioning those conventions.”

Source: Allen Gannett Interview – MarTech Advisor

Scott Vaughan, CMO at Integrate

“The opportunity to discuss, banter and accelerate well thought-out adoption of account-based marketing and take it from ‘cool concept’ to a meaningful marketing strategy. The rock star and trusted line-up of #FlipMyFunnel speakers and participants who know how to bring new ideas to reality. The ability to bring together martech thought leaders together in the Southeast region and specifically to the Atlanta area, an often under-served market.”

Source: Scott Vaughan Interview – MarTech Advisor

All of these amazing rockstars will be at the #FlipMyFunnel Conference on August 11th, 2015, to share their marketing and customer experience insights.

Join Us at #FlipMyFunnel Atlanta

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