76 Heroes from 100 Episodes

100 episodes of The #FlipMyFunnel Podcast.

That’s a lot of episodes.

And it is all due to the unbelievable podcast heroes who shared their incredible stories and insights.

These heroes have shared everything from “in the weeds” how-to’s for account-based marketing to wisdom on balancing being a working mother while in a demanding account executive role. We’ve heard from marketing and sales practitioners, CEOs, analysts, managers, and everyone in between giving their best insights on how to make you a hero in your organization.

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Now, check out the heroes of the podcast and their best insights.

Lori Richardson – Ep. 71: Getting More Diversity in Tech

More diversity on your sales team means more ROI. But far too often, not enough women apply. So how do you attract more qualified female applicants to your sales candidate pool?

Lori Richardson knows. She’s been a woman in sales for years and currently serves as the President of WOMEN Sales Pros, and as the CEO of Score More Sales.

Morgan Ingram – Ep. 40: How to Schedule Your Day to Be Exceptional

How much of your day you’re able to schedule out depends on how chaotic your job is.

For Morgan J. Ingram, an hour-by-hour schedule doesn’t fit his life or his role, but that doesn’t mean he goes completely unscheduled.

Tim Kopp – Ep. 57: Your Ideal CMO May Not Exist

Your org is growing. Time to hire the perfect CMO. But that person doesn’t exist. At least not the way you think. Tim Kopp, managing partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, gives advice on hiring and being the right CMO. 

Kristen Wendel – Ep. 86: Forget the Fluff: A Practical Approach to ABM

With so much data floating around, how do you cut through the fluff to get actionable target accounts for your sales team? Kristen shares how she uses insightful tools to build a practical pipeline of marketing qualified leads.

Julia Stead – Ep. 96: ABM Success: Invoca’s Journey from Implementation to Optimization

Julia Stead, VP of Marketing for Invoca, discusses the successes and challenges of their implementation and optimization of ABM over a one-year period.

Kevin Bobowski – Ep. 76: Putting the “B” Back in B2B

It’s not easy to succeed in a B2B company.

There are tons of distractions that will cause you to stray from what works, and to forget your purpose. It is easy to lose sight of your target market and to spend time marketing to the wrong people.

Kevin Bobowski, SVP of Marketing at BrightEdge, has plenty of experience in this area. He is a leader in the development of go-to-market strategy and has tried-and-true B2B strategies that work.

Matt Benati – Ep. 85: How Reply Marketing Can Help with Sales

Email marketing is a huge component of a campaign and when we let replies just drop, we lose the potential of future customers.

Matt shares that we focus on reply marketing, we can essentially help our sales team gain more valuable information on the customer making the customer journey more specific.

Alex Latraverse –  Ep. 64: What Makes a Bad Sales Call Bad, and a Good Sales Call Good

There are certain practices which can make a great or bad sales call.

Hear from Alex Latraverse, VP of Strategic Sales at Terminus, to gain insight on these calls.

Jill Rowley – Ep. 62: Engagement: Marketing 2.0

You found your buyer’s email. You’ve explained your product.

They have a white paper in front of them.

They don’t buy. Why? Because marketing without engagement doesn’t work.

Jill Rowley, Chief Growth Officer for Marketo, offers some advice to anyone in the sales and marketing space.

Scott Dorsey – Ep. 37: 5 Ways to Build A Winning Company

How do you go from a one-person company to being listed on the NYSE?

We spoke with Scott Dorsey, who spent over a decade building a wildly successful business.

He laid out five key ideas for anybody looking to build a winning company.

Allie Butters – Ep. 89: The Journey from SDR to Marketing

Allie Butters shares the journey of her transition from an SDR to marketing. 

Realizing that sales and marketing have more in common than most people think, she offers practical advice on how she’s thriving and growing her team; lessons that you can use in your career.   

Sue Duris – Ep. 20: Customer Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility

Sue Duris, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at M4 Communications, wrote about three things C-suite Execs must do in order to NOT be lying when they say “customer experience is everyone’s job.”

We discuss those three things in this episode.

Keenan – Ep. 66: Flood Your Funnel by Being the Smartest Person in the Room

How can being the smartest person in the room get your future customers to actually pay attention to you? Keenan, CEO/President of A Sales Guy, is here to tell us.

Jay Baer – Ep. 12: Why Same is Lame, and How to Create Word of Mouth

Jay Baer, NYT Best Selling author, blogger, and founder of Convince and Convert, talks about his 25 years in digital marketing, how to create word of mouth, and why irrelevant content might be slowly destroying your brand.

Jim Tocci and Brad Wilkerson – Ep. 39: A Day in the Life of an SDR

They are organized. They stick to a process. They focus on the wins. They are vital to many organizations. What are “they”?


Both Jim Tocci and Brad Wilkerson of Terminus joined Sangram on this one to talk about a day in the life of an SDR.

Lincoln Murphy – Ep. 52: Customer Success vs. Customer Happiness

A lot of noise drowns out what customer success is, but Lincoln digs into the myths and the realities.

Lincoln Murphy is the global authority when it comes to customer success. As a thought leader and speaker in customer success, he pinpoints the four essentials for how to make customer success a priority. 

Bryan Brown – Ep. 34: The Future of Lead Scoring

There might not be a future for lead scoring.

In the past, lead scoring was a way to determine if someone was a good-fit account. But it plays such a smaller role today with an ABM focus.

Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer at Terminus, talks about the history of lead scoring—and why it’s not really necessary anymore.

Travis Wright – Ep. 17: Blockchain Marketing: From Customer to Investor

It’s taken a while, but people are starting to catch on to blockchain.

Many of us have heard of it. Few of us understand it. Let alone how to use it as marketers. Travis Wright, Author of Digital Sense and Co-Host of the podcast Bad Crypto, taught us about blockchain and its marketing applications.

Stu Heinecke – Ep. 72: Persistence, Timing, and Humor: Unlikely Tools to Land That Meeting

How do you get a meeting with anyone? Stu Heinecke has some insight.

Chris Reene – Ep. 24: How to Use ABM to Upsell and Expand Your Business Offerings

ABM is not about doing using the same tactics over and over again. It’s about using creative means (cross-selling, upselling, and encouraging expansion) to hit revenue goals.

Hear Chris Reene’s, Enterprise Account Executive at Terminus, tactics on how to do so.

David Politis – Ep. 42: Execution vs. Vision: A No-Brainer

Why do some companies become great and others disappear?

Short answer: execution.

In this episode, David Politis, founder and chief executive of BetterCloud, talks about how execution, not vision, is the one thing that keeps a company from failing.

Elle Woulfe – Ep. 26: The Other ABM: How Attention Based Marketing Fast Tracks Sales Readiness

Account-based marketing isn’t the only ABM.

There’s another ABM we should focus on: Attention-based marketing. Elle Woulfe gives us some insight on how to do so.

David Pyrzenski – Ep. 69: What Are Professional Services and When Should You Buy Them?

David Pyrzenski is the VP of Professional Services at Terminus, and he has some outstanding advice on the subject of professional services.

Jeffrey Rohrs – Ep. 46: Making Moments Matter

Marketers need to look at technological advancements to help make the customer’s journey more focused and to make each moment matter. Listen in to hear Jeffrey Rohrs, CMO of Yext, share his thoughts on maximizing every moment in the customer journey.

Tyler Lessard – Ep. 31: How to Make Your Accounts Love the Fact That You’re Targeting Them

What if the most exciting part of your day was being marketed to? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard, spoke about how to make your accounts love the fact that you’re targeting them.

Jason Katz – Ep. 84: Balancing Customer Happiness and Success

Keeping customers happy is the goal, right? Not always.

Often, a customer won’t stick around with a service provider if they don’t succeed in their goals. Jason Katz—Manager of Retention Operations at Terminus—dished out some advice in keeping that balance between happiness and success.

Jon Miller – Ep. 21: The Big 5 Metrics for Account-Based Marketing

You’re may be measuring the wrong metrics. Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, shared the big 5 metrics for account-based marketing.

Mark Organ – Ep. 32: How Advocate Marketing Is Building Successful Companies

Mark Organ, co-founder and CEO of Influitive. A serial category creator, he knows that advocate marketing is one powerful tool that, if used correctly, can explode a company’s growth.

AJ Wilcox – Ep. 75: The AMO You Need for Success on LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin ads are incredibly effective, but they’re spendy, so it’s imperative that you get them right. How do you do that? AJ Wilcox has a strategy.

Bring your “AMO.”

Amelia Ibarra – Ep. 81: Fall Crazy in Love with Account-Based Social

You’ve been sending customized emails from your sales team, and it’s going great. Except for social media. How can you make account based solutions for social media work for you?

Amelia Ibarra gave four steps to fall in love with account-based social. 

Lucas Ulloque – Ep. 14: How to Hire Great Talent to Build your SDR Team

Hiring & investing in great talent is crucial to building a successful SDR. Listen in to hear Lucas Ulloque, VP of Sales Development at Terminus, talk about four more crucial keys.

Matt Amundson – Ep. 50: Start With One

If you only had to sell to one account, what would that account look like?

In a world where account-based marketing is key, Matt Amundson, VP of sales and marketing at EverString, has developed a way for businesses to find the best accounts for them with even greater precision.

Amy Fandrei – Ep. 87: Book Publishing: Do’s and Don’ts

Amy Fandrei, publisher with Wiley Publishing, opens up to share what are the most effective tips and tricks to get your idea or story into a book.

Andrea Neiman – Ep. 80: How To Humanize B2B

Andrea is the Senior Manager of Marketing at NetLine to talk about how vulnerability and self-awareness are powerful tools in marketing. 

Andy Raskin – Ep. 97: In Search of the Customer Promise Land

We all want to be customer centric, yet often our mission statements reflect what WE want for our customers rather than being reflective of our actual customer. Andy Raskin discusses how to actually be customer centric.

Autumn Coleman – Ep. 35: Why Moving On Could Be Good for your Career

Are you growing in your career? If not, you’re putting yourself at risk.

During a recent interview, we talked with Autumn Coleman, from Oracle, about a possibly unconventional way of looking at career development.

Meg Zelman – Ep. 94: Glass Balls vs Rubber Balls

Meg Zelman is an account executive at Terminus and as a new mom, Meg has a lot on her plate. She likes to think of everything on her to-do list as either a glass ball or a rubber ball.

Cori Pearce – Ep. 25: Consequences of Not Prioritizing the Customer and How to Get Back on Track

When you don’t prioritize the customer, there are consequences. And they’re not pretty. Cori Pearce talks about how to get back on track if you have a churn problem.

Mike Venable & Robert Beckwith – Ep. 79: How to Transition Sales to ABM

Mike Venable, Sales Manager at Terminus, and Robert Beckwith, Senior Account Executive at Terminus, discuss the importance of trusting the process, and it can be a long one, when making the switch from lead-based marketing to account based marketing.

Cory Munchbach – Ep. 60: Why Self Reflection Is Important in Your Career

In an interview with Cory Munchbach, we asked her what she believes is most important to be successful both as a leader and as a woman in a tech field workspace where women are often the minority.

Cynthia Stephens – Ep. 30: How to Scale Content Marketing for an ABM Strategy

Not all accounts are created equal. If you really want to scale content marketing, you have to start treating your accounts differently. Cynthia Stephens give some insight on how to scale your content marketing.

Dan Ross – Ep. 82: 3 Big Questions for Sales Leaders

Dan Ross, SVP at Salesforce discusses some big questions concerning qualities of a good leader, current trends in the sales world, and the best traits for salespeople and executives alike.

David Cancel – Ep. 2: Want Success in Business? Follow These 4 Steps

David Cancel doesn’t have to imagine what it’s like to have success in business – he has had huge success. There’s no magic formula. But there are patterns.

Morgan Gillespie – Ep. 74: The Power of Video Outreach

Morgan Gillespie from Terminus walks us through the lessons every SDR can learn about using video as your initial form of outreach to future customers. She offers tips, tricks, and advice on how to make video work for you.

David Keil – Ep. 92: Tour of Duty

How do some companies create loyalty between themselves and their employees? According to the guys who founded LinkedIn, the secret to corporate loyalty lies in creating a tour of duty framework. David Keil, CEO of QASymphony talked about how he’s applying the tour of duty concept at his company.

Derek Grant and Kenny Goldman – Ep. 67: Be the Hardest Working Person in the Building

Kenny Goldman and Derek Grant are always striving to be the hardest working people in the building.

Peter Herbert & Todd McCormick – Ep. 9: How to Get #OneTeam Buy-In

Do you understand the importance of having everybody in your organization working towards the same goal, measuring the same metrics, and playing by the same sets of rules? Great! But how do you get buy-in from your organization? Todd and Peter discuss how to get #OneTeam Buy-In. 

Derek Slayton – Ep. 36: Pivoting a 175-Year-Old Company to ABM

Derek Slayton of Dun & Bradstreet spoke about how they pivoted to ABM and how we, as marketers, need to focus on which “galaxies” are most opportune for us.

Godard Abel – Ep. 22: The 5 Factors of Success in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Godard Abel, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at G2 Crowd and CEO discussed the many different factors in determining the success or failure of a leader or business.

Ryan Schwartz & Kyle Hardaway – Ep. 99: Keys to Customer Success: Humans Welcome

Relationships are built with intention.

In this episode, Ryan Schwartz and Kyle Hardaway from Terminus discuss humanizing customer success.

Jeff Soriano – Ep. 11: My ABM Journey: Don’t Make The Mistakes I Did

Jeff Soriano discusses why successful ABM is all about changing your mind.

Jessica Barrett Halcom – Ep. 45: How AI Is Changing ABM

Jessica takes us through how AI is changing the world of ABM. AI is more than just predictive marketing or marketing automation. It helps you see patterns that would otherwise be invisible.

Joe Toste – Ep. 10: Two Mistakes Management Makes with Sales Development

Well-meaning management teams often make critical mistakes with sales development.

What are those mistakes? Our friend Joe Toste, Enterprise Account Executive at Mokriya, wrote about two of them, and we share them here.

Joseph Jaffe – Ep. 61: How to Avoid the Status Quo

Sometimes we need to change up what we do.  

Other times we must renovate the way we think.

Joseph Jaffe gives some insight on how to avoid the status quo.

Katie Burke – Ep. 27: Think and Grow Rich Company Culture

How do you cultivate the ideal company culture? You need a blend of patience and impatience. Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at Hubspot, gives incredible wisdom on how to grow a rich company culture.

Kelly Ford – Ep. 7: Develop Your 6th Sense on Why Some Companies Succeed

Kelly Ford, CMO of Edison Partners joined us to provide her 6th sense wisdom on the key characteristics that successful companies are paying attention to when taking growth to the next level.

Kipp Bodnar – Ep. 16: Insights From 10 Years of Inbound Marketing

Marketers aren’t trusted because more often than not, they don’t take time to develop relationships. Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot, has over 10 years of experience in the field with results to prove that taking the time to make real connections online leads to real results.

Ryan Vitello & Stuart English – Ep. 29: The Player-Coach Relationship Between SDRs and Their Managers

Transitioning to quality from quantity in sales is tough on everyone in your organization, but as you’ll learn from Terminus’s Ryan Vitello and Stuart English, focus is your key to success.

Lisa Skinner – Ep. 91: Ready, Set, Start: Rocking ABM Account Selection from A to Z

You’ve probably heard it said that only 1% of leads actually turn into revenue. If this is true, we have a problem on our hands. There’s got to be a better way to drive revenue.  

For Lisa Skinner, the answer was clear. Something had to change.

Masha Finkelstein – Ep. 77: How to Measure ABM Success

Have you struggled to measure ABM success with your sales and marketing teams? Have you struggled to understand the concept of ABM? Both of those are very different questions. Masha discusses the solutions to both.

Matt Heinz – Ep. 6: 8 Keys for Integrating ABM with Your Sales Team’s Existing Target Account Programs

The secret to achieving your revenue goal is right down the hall from you.

And no, you don’t need to change very much. Matt Heinz presented eight keys to integrate account-based marketing with your sales team’s existing target account program.

Shannel Wheeler – Ep. 55: Design: a Helpful Tool for Sales and Marketing

Design has a huge impact on sales and marketing. It helps with brand strategy, consistency, and trust. In this episode, Shannel Wheeler discusses how to use design for all of the above.

Oneisha Freeman – Ep. 70: The Passion of the Nonprofit World

The nonprofit world gets a bad rap sometimes, and that’s a shame. Those in the nonprofit world can teach those of us in the ABM world a thing or two about passion and commitment and loving what we do.

Sam Melnick – Ep. 90: How Should You Budget for ABM

Sam Melnick, VP of Marketing for Allocadia, provides a framework for thinking about the best way to allocate budget for Account-Based Marketing.

Seyar Karimi – Ep. 95: Chasing Moments as an SDR

Seyar Karimi knows that success begins with the observation of everyday moments and a willingness to chase them down.  

Steven Bryerton – Ep. 56: A Proven Process to Implement ABM/ABS & Reach Decision Makers

Steven Bryerton and the team at DiscoverOrg jumped from just under $1 million in revenue to $70 million in around 7 years. Learn the specific tactics they implemented to organize and their sales team and process to launch such tremendous growth.

Sudhir Kumar – Ep. 15: Direct Mail Is Alive and Kicking With Account-Based Marketing

How could something as low-tech as direct mail possibly be effective in the digital age?

Sudhir Kumar, Marketing Director at BPI ROK, has incredible insight on the subject.

Tony Yang – Ep. 41: How Predictive Empowers Your ABM Strategy Throughout the Flipped Funnel

Tony Yang, VP of Marketing at Conversion Logic and former VP of Demand at Mintigo, talked about five ways predictive empowers your ABM strategy as you head down the flipped funnel.

Trish Bertuzzi – Ep. 51: Methods, Models, and Metrics of Account-Based Revenue

Trish Bertuzzi with Bridge Group, Inc. discusses why account types matters and techniques to make the most out of your account-based marketing strategy.