9 Must-Attend Sessions at the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit

It’s that time of year again.

The 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit is coming up in May, and the Terminus team couldn’t be more excited. We’re looking forward to learning about the latest marketing strategies, meeting other account-based marketing proponents, and (of course) partying it up in Music City USA.

Taking place from May 12th to 15th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee, the SiriusDecisions Summit promises to help you and your team achieve business success in 2015. You’ll get access to cutting-edge research, exclusive networking opportunities, over 50 analyst session, and more than 100 practitioner case studies — and as an added bonus this year, Terminus is one of the sponsors! We’re incredibly excited to have a hand in this year’s event and can’t wait to see you all there.

If you’re like us, then you’re already planning your agenda for May’s event. Here’s our take on the top nine sessions to attend.


Growth Hacking Through B2B Technology

Presenter: Jay Famico

When: Wednesday, May 13th, 2:10 – 2:50 p.m.

Abstract: Many B2B organizations view technology as just a delivery and reporting mechanism; when used strategically, however, it’s a catalyst for growth and transformation. With the unprecedented explosion in sales, marketing and product technology, the opportunities for scale, insight and market disruption are virtually endless.

Demystifying B2B Buying for 2015 and Beyond

Presenters: Marisa Kopec & Jennifer Ross

When: Thursday, May 14th, 8:35 – 9:15 a.m.

Abstract: We hear the same mantra every day: B2B buyers are in control. But what we didn’t know is whether the purchasing decision-making process is linear and sequential, or more episodic. A major new SiriusDecisions research study investigating how B2B buyers truly behave will debunk myths and validate the realities of marketing and roles in today’s environment. Learn if one buying process framework fits all, and understand how to leverage buying process frameworks to develop audience-centric marketing strategies and support execution.


How Advertising Automation Helped SalesLoft Grow 2000% in 2014

Presenter(s): Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft & Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus (Yours truly!)

When: Tuesday, May 12th, 12:00 – 12:45 p.m.

Abstract: It’s not every day that we see sales and marketing aligned behind a single goal, but when they do join forces, you see an incredible growth in revenue — and at an unprecedented pace. Learn how the team at SalesLoft got their entire company to focus on accounts that were pre-qualified for “best fit,” and how they were able to support their outbound sales development efforts with Terminus to deploy a targeted advertising program across mobile, social, display, and video. Long story short? SalesLoft launched an account-based marketing strategy to drive marketing and sales collaboration, resulting in unprecedented growth in just 18 months.


Note: All breakout sessions will take place throughout the day of Thursday, May 14th.

Recurring Revenue Models: Marketing’s Role

Presenters: Monica Behncke & Megan Heuer

Abstract: Recurring revenue models go by many names: “subscription,” “cloud,” “SaaS,” “consumable” or even “rental,” but companies that use them have something critical in common: they must manage customer acquisition, engagement and retention, while shaping a unique and ideal role for marketing. Better understand how to balance support between demand creation and retention to maximize growth contribution, and see examples of how marketing organizations resource and measure their impact on customer retention and experience.

Customer Experience: Its Impact on Intelligent Growth

Presenter: Matt Senatore

Abstract: A B2B organization can build a fantastic customer experience program that is fully integrated between marketing and sales, but what happens when the growth priorities of the business change? How must such a program be altered for customers in new markets, for new buyers, around new offerings or even when an acquisition takes place? In this presentation, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to assess a customer experience program’s ability to adapt to new buyers, offerings, markets, or acquired companies. You’ll also learn how to enhance a program properly to match a growth pillar strategy.

Customer Experience Programs of the Year

Presenter: Lisa Nakano

Abstract: Customer experience is a white-hot topic of discussion for nearly every B2B organization; when it comes to action, however, many have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. But a few programs stand out, delivering an experience that resonates with customers and ensures internal alignment to impact engagement, retention, growth and advocacy. See four examples of customer experience excellence from your peers, and learn how best-in-class companies deliver targeted customer experiences to engage, nurture and grow their customer relationships.

Aligning the Buyer and Customer Journey

Presenters: Megan Heuer & Jen Horton

Abstract: Silos are a killer in B2B when it comes to keeping buyers and customers at the center of revenue-generating functions. How should an organization align the concepts of buyer and customer journeys in order for sales and marketing to understand their roles within an overarching process? Learn how an aligned buyer/customer journey helps to drive customer loyalty and scale demand creation, and how to integrate the customer lifecycle and buyer’s journey into planning and campaign strategy.

The SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall: Key Concepts

Presenters: Terry Flaherty & Jen Horton

Abstract: Originally conceived in 2002 – then revised in 2006 and 2012 – the iconic SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® offers a shared process and terminology for marketing, teleprospecting, and sales to build a best-in-class new-business engine. Over the last decade, the waterfall has been successfully adopted by hundreds of B2B organizations worldwide. Understand the key stages and phases of the demand waterfall, and learn more about the key job families that best-in-class marketing functions are prioritizing in order to drive waterfall results.

B2B Pipeline Acceleration: Fundamentals

Presenters: Julian Archer & Gil Canare

Abstract: Getting leads converted to opportunities is one thing in today’s environment; converting these opportunities to revenue is entirely another. When reps and partners struggle to keep deals moving, a pipeline acceleration effort that has been co-created by sales and marketing may be exactly what’s needed. Attend this session to gain exposure to SiriusDecisions’ pipeline acceleration framework, which pinpoints three best practice forms of acceleration.

Check out the full agenda here, and then let us know which sessions you’re most looking forward to. We hope to see you there!