[ABM Case Study] Snowflake’s 1-to-1 ABM Campaigns Drive 50% of Content Consumption

As a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Data Management Solutions for Analytics, Snowflake’s account-based marketing team treats customers and prospects as its name would suggest: like they’re all unique.

Snowflake started running account-based marketing plays two years ago, with a simple goal of getting specific high-priority accounts clicking on their ads. After two years of refinement, they’ve created a scaled account-based marketing practice that lets them invest in high-quality content experiences — created in collaboration with sales — while still achieving pipeline efficiency and ROI goals.

By using Terminus, Snowflake has become a leader in operating ABM at scale.

How Snowflake runs ABM at scale

Snowflake has built a team of six dedicated account-based marketers, responsible for running over 500 concurrent 1-to-1 campaigns. Each campaign is built on bespoke content experiences and personalized messaging, developed in collaboration with the sales reps who know accounts best. This means that the Snowflake team has high confidence that their content is adding genuine value to the reader’s day.

“We knew that to hit our targets, we were going to have to be laser focused with the resources that we had available to us,” said Daniel Day, Director of ABM at Snowflake.

Through Terminus, Snowflake is able to quickly launch digital advertising to distribute these experiences efficiently to the right audiences at the right time in their lifecycle.

These content experiences aren’t intended to drive conversions, either. None of the customized content is gated. Instead, Snowflake strives to build credibility with its audience first, only then using retargeting tactics with those that engage to drive traditional conversions through weekly demos or free trials.

And it’s working.

Account-based marketing results at Snowflake

Over 50 percent of the content consumption on Snowflake’s website is coming from Terminus ads, and 50 percent of the content that is downloaded is coming from those top 500 target accounts.

The ABM team isn’t delivering leads that sales doesn’t want to work, they’re delivering engaged accounts driven from targeted lists made in collaboration with the sales team. Account-based marketing is so ingrained in the sales process that the ABM team is a part of Snowflake’s quarterly reviews on sales’ book of business.

Daniel believes this had led to tighter alignment across the teams.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”o339E” via=”no” ]“Just as our sales teams have commitments to meet their targets, we have commitments to them to be held accountable for the kind of account-based marketing we’re doing.”[/ctt]

Building trust with the sales team — and the larger organization — has enabled Daniel to scale his ABM efforts. But he isn’t satisfied yet.

“I had this dream of doing ABM for 200, 500, one thousand companies that we were going after, and that’s the platform that Terminus has built,” added Daniel. “You cannot believe the kind of alignment that drives between marketing and sales.”

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