[ABM Case Study] Townsend Security Increases Account Engagement 4x with Intent-Based ABM Program

  • Industry: Data Security
  • Company Profile: SMB
  • Headquarters: Olympia, Washington
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • MA: Hubspot

Townsend Security creates data privacy solutions that help organizations meet evolving compliance requirements and mitigate the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Townsend Security uses Terminus to get greater visibility into their total addressable market (TAM), determine their ideal customer profile, establish deeper relationships with their partners, and build brand awareness to audiences that traditional methods had been missing. 


Prior to 2019, Townsend Security was running a very traditional, and successful, inbound marketing machine – but they recognized that segments of their market were not getting hit by their regular efforts. They also determined that they had blind spots in certain segments that might be viable targets for their data security offerings. After doing some research, they determined an account-based marketing strategy powered by a robust data-driven ecosystem was the best way to get maximum visibility and coverage within their TAM. Having been a Hubspot customer since 2011, they wanted to work with an ABM platform that would easily plug into their existing demand gen engine. 


After auditing the Terminus/Hubspot integration, the Townsend Security team decided to move forward with a new multi-channel ABM program via the Terminus ABM platform. With Terminus, their team could easily automate account-based display ads to their target account lists based on behavioral intent signals and opportunity stage, support their direct mail campaigns with AI-powered engagement data, and even discover new accounts to target. By layering native firmographic data like revenue and industry in the Terminus Hub, they were able to make dynamic lists to ensure they were always hitting their ideal customer profile. Once these target account lists were created, they could also layer in additional targeting including role and department targeting, ensuring their ads would be served only to the actual buying committee of the account. 

To scale, they created 4 distinct ad nurture programs that would activate for any account researching the 18 different intent topics they were tracking related to their 4 different product categories. Then, when an opportunity opened, the account would automatically flow into a stage-based ad nurture program based on their engagement so that marketing is always offering the right kind of support to progress sales forward.

With Terminus’ VisitorID feature, they were also able to get greater visibility into their TAM by discovering accounts organically visiting their website but not converting on their forms or in their CRM. 

Terminus helped us expand what we defined as our ideal customer profile, resulting in a stronger pipeline and better ROI.” – Ken Mafli, Senior Digital Marketing Manager



After incorporating an intent-based marketing strategy, Townsend Security increased their CTR by 25% and web visits from target accounts by 4x. While this resulted in a significant drop in impressions, it also reduced the spend on display ads by 40% as the ads were now being served to a smaller, more targeted audience. Townsend Security was then able to use that additional budget on new intent-based LinkedIn ads to get more coverage without going over their original budget.

By using the Terminus VisitorID, they were also able to triple their TAM by discovering net-new accounts engaging with their website but not in their CRM and launch multi-channel campaigns targeting this new segment. With Terminus, Townsend Security was also able to scale a new partner channel program, resulting in two closed-won deals and 10 more in the pipeline in 7 months alone. 

This coordinated multi-channel effort, alongside Townsend Security’s existing demand gen efforts, resulted in a 33% increase in sales.