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ABM for Partnerships – How to Avoid Leaving your Partner Marketing Team in a Silo

It’s time to think critically about partnerships and their impact on your company’s revenue. When we talk about “a partner ecosystem,” we mean a single company’s partner network. Partner ecosystems are created because (1) no one company can expect to control a customer’s entire technology stack; and (2) no one company can realistically reach all of its potential customers.

Partner ecosystem development has become a critical way to leverage competitive advantage and drive growth by:

  • Increasing market power and viability
  • Accessing new markets and business opportunities
  • Innovation via new technology or services acquisition
  • Improving stickiness: it becomes harder to pull your product from the tech stack

However, we know that curating a strong partner ecosystem comes with challenges, and these challenges are often taken on by Partner Marketing teams (or whatever team manages marketing with partners). When it comes to account-based marketing, we at Terminus know that marketing works best when all teams are driving marketing efforts in unison.

As of today, we have a new integration available to Crossbeam and Terminus customers alike that solves some major pain points for Partner Marketing teams across the globe. Read on to learn how we got there.

The Challenge

When two companies partner together, it’s critical to identify joint customers and run marketing together in unison. These efforts are spearheaded by Partner Marketing teams. In the past, this has been done with spreadsheets, but that has always been really risky. (Do you really want to send a new partner your complete list of customers?!). We often see Partner Marketers struggle with partner co-marketing that has tangible impact on the business and ties into the ABM strategy, and this is because:

  • Spreadsheets are not a trust-worthy method for sharing joint accounts with new partners
  • Driving engagement with shared accounts and prospects is a challenge
  • Generating an evergreen list of overlapping accounts is time-consuming, inaccurate, and can become outdated quickly
  • Understanding how targeting of joint accounts is performing is difficult or impossible to do
  • Managing a relationship with a new partner from a marketing perspective is complicated and time-consuming

How Terminus Can Help

We want Partner Marketers to be an influential part of the ABM effort and we saw a way to solve some key challenges through our integration with Crossbeam.

Crossbeam serves as a middleman who can compare the lists and tell each company where there is overlap. From there, customers can use an Account List in Terminus to launch targeted campaigns at these joint accounts. Crossbeam has built an integration with Terminus, leveraging our powerful API capabilities, that enables marketing teams to drive engagement with accounts and prospects that overlap with their partners or business units.

This integration synchronizes report members into a prebuilt Account List in Data Studio and this Account List can be used by Ad Experiences and Web Experiences for targeting.

Use This Integration Today!

Use the Crossbeam to Terminus integration to quickly identify which of your accounts overlap with your partners and target those accounts with personalized marketing outreach. From here, drive pipeline velocity with engaged accounts at all points of interaction, such as on your webpage. Create demand with customized messaging and targeting that resonates with shared accounts and prospects at the exact moment they are most ready to hear from you.

We want to help Partner Marketers everywhere streamline partner experiences and simplify how teams interact with partners. You can check out this integration today on the Crossbeam Marketplace.