ABMies 2018: Award Winners and ABM Success Stories 

I love a good party, especially when that party’s purpose is to honor the best of the best in account-based marketing today. The ABMies, which took place in Boston on August 7, definitely did not disappoint. It was an honor to share some bubbly and rub elbows with these amazing marketers and teams who are taking ABM to a new level in their respective organizations. 

Here are some of the highlights from the event. 

Empowering the Next Generation with DonorsChoose.org 

The always energetic and enthusiastic Sangram Vajre, our chief evangelist and the founder of #FlipMyFunnel, took the stage as master of ceremonies. Before the awards got started, Sangram conducted a fireside chat with Katie Bisbee, chief marketing officer and EVP of partnerships at DonorsChoose.org. 

Did you know that 94% of teachers use their own money to pay for school supplies? DonorsChoose.org is a nonprofit that makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education. Katie and her inspirational words really set the tone for the remainder of the evening. 

Best Pipeline Acceleration Campaign: Sigstr 

The award for best Pipeline Acceleration Campaign went to my dear friends at Sigstr. The Sigstr marketing team are pros at building ABM campaigns that deliver the right content at the right time. 

The Sigstr team uses their own tool, an email signature marketing platform, to build automated ABM campaigns. When it comes to mapping content to each opportunity stage and automating the account journey, they make it feel like magic.   

By showing their prospects the Sigstr product in action, their target buyers can experience it first hand in a way that relates to them. As a result, Sigstr has seen increased demand and pipeline velocity from target accounts.  

Sigstr account-based marketing campaign

Best Sales Leader: Derek Grant, SalesLoft 

The honor of Best Sales Leader was awarded to Derek Grant, VP of commercial sales at SalesLoft.  Derek goes above and beyond for his sales team and for SalesLoft as an organization. As his colleagues put it, he never loses sight of filling the pipeline and hitting their numbers.  

But, true sales leadership goes beyond a million dollar deal. The best sales leaders know how to coach their teams, elevate them to be the very best advocates for the buyer, and provide excellent experiences during the sales process. Derek checks all those boxes and beyond.  

ABM Up and Comer: Jeremy Middleton and Caroline Japic, Pramata 

The ABM Up and Comer is always one of my favorite awards at the ABMies. This year, the honor was bestowed on Jeremy Middleton and Caroline Japic from Pramata. The Pramata team brought ABM on strong — no tiptoeing, no looking back. 

ABMies winners - Pramata

Within a very short time period, less than six months, they have successfully implemented internal processes for both marketing and sales to support an ABM strategy that has proven amazing results so far. For example, their email click-through rates have increased by 600%, and their Terminus account-based ad campaigns are performing at 180% above industry standards. Read more about Pramata’s ABM journey on Forbes. 

Best 1:1 ABM Campaign: Amber Bogie, Planview 

The Best 1:1 Campaign award went to our customer Amber Bogie at Planview. Amber joined the Planview team as a marketing manager last fall, and she’s absolutely killing it. She is responsible for creating engagement in tiered enterprise accounts in the central region. 

In her quest to break into the C-suite at one particular massive retailer, Amber had no small task in front of her — but her strategic, multichannel campaign was a hit. Congrats to Amber and the Planview team!

Best ABM Campaign at Scale: Heidi Vandermeer, Uberflip 

Heidi Vandermeer at Uberflip took home the award for the Best ABM Campaign At Scale. Heidi developed an amazing account-based marketing campaign that was highly personalized and included direct mail, email, and advertising. The campaign created awesome alignment between sales and marketing, and it generated 200K ad impressions from 500 target accounts. As a result of this campaign, Uberflip set an impressive 60 meetings and opened 40 new opportunities.

Best Demand Generation Campaign: Daniel Englebretson, Phononic 

The Best Demand Generation Campaign award went to our customer Daniel Englebretson at Phononic. Phononic is a fast-growing startup with an innovative outlook on demand generation. They know exactly who they need to target, and they recognize that they need their brand to stay in front of those accounts at all times to increase awareness, trust, and credibility. Daniel and his team have created and adopted account-based processes, including a new set of KPIs, and they’ve surpassed their goals by continuing to iterate and improve. 

ABMies winners - Daniel Englebretson, Phononic

Best Account-Based Marketing Program: Daniel Day, Hermi Ruiz, and Breanna Gaul, Snowflake 

The final award I’d like to highlight is the Best Account-Based Marketing Program. This was a tight race, with 10 extraordinary finalists! Daniel Day, Hermi Ruiz, and Breanna Gaul at Snowflake Computing pulled out the win among the impressive lists of finalists. One of the goals for the Snowflake team was to make every experience matter for their target accounts. Utilizing a variety of tools, Snowflake saw a massive increase in engagement, conversions and click-through rates. With the combination of 1:1 ads using Terminus and custom content experiences using Uberflip, they were able to drive 149X more conversions within those accounts! 

#FlipMyFunnel ABMiesdivider

Congratulations to all of the 2018 ABMie award winners. I look forward to seeing the creative campaigns they come up with next — and to seeing some new faces on the winner podium in 2019!