Closing the Gap Between Account Based Marketing and Employee Email

Terminus, an account based marketing platform, has created the ABM Cloud, a partner program for the top ABM tech providers that help you design, integrate and scale your existing marketing ecosystem. We are proud to announce Sigstr has joined the ranks of more than 30 elite solutions, extending a partnership with Terminus to open email signature marketing to ABM Cloud users.

For those of you wondering what this could mean for you, we’ve answered some FAQ’s below:

What Exactly is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing, or ABM, is a fancy term for a 1:1 personalized marketing strategy. Individual prospects and accounts are thought of as single “markets,” aiming for hyper-personalization in messaging and strategies, and individualized solutions and products. ABM campaigns are usually used by organizations looking to “land-and-expand” within large accounts.

At Terminus, strategic ABM efforts help marketing teams target the most-qualified prospective accounts, engage decision-makers and influencers across the organization, and accelerate the marketing and sales pipeline for continued growth.

Why is ABM Important to Marketers?

In your marketing role, you’re already well aware of the difficulties in nudging prospects across the finish line into customer territory. In reality, less than 1 percent of leads turn into customers. Marketing teams are constantly looking for new, exciting and cost-effective ways to convert leads into closed-won opportunities.

ABM opens the door for marketing teams to engage decision-makers and influencers on their own terms, moving the needle and accelerating their sales pipeline velocity at scale.

Tell Me About the Account Based Marketing Cloud

An invite-only partner program, the ABM Cloud gives marketers a toolbox of technologies that support account-based marketing strategies at scale. With 35 best-in-class ABM technology providers signed-on for integration into your favorite CRM, you can build the perfect tech stack to optimize your business processes.

The ABM Cloud is a game changer at every stage of the B2B marketing lifecycle, from demand generation to pipeline acceleration and  onto later-stage support. Cloud users are also given the framework for a comprehensive ABM strategy framework to help plan and execute campaigns, each solution aligning into one of the five core components of ABM: identify, expand, engage, advocate and measure.

How Does Employee Email Fit Into the Mix?

As one of these integration partners, Sigstr adds email signature marketing to your ABM campaigns. Metrics and analytics are seamlessly integrated into your CRM for a holistic picture of your marketing operations.

Every email an employee sends (over 10,000 a year!) has the power to grow relationships, inspire action and leave a lasting brand impression. Sigstr’s email signature marketing ensures an on-brand close with every email sent – seamlessly adding a personalized touch that is so important in account-based marketing campaigns. Add in Sigstr’s interactive call-to-action banners, customized for specific campaigns and individual departments, and realize email signature marketing just might be the missing piece in your current ABM strategy.

What’s Next?

So glad you asked! You can request your free demo of Sigstr today to see how you can optimize the amazing potential of employee email in your ABM efforts. You can also sign up here to receive more information on the ABM Cloud as soon as it becomes available.

Want more information now? Check out our latest resource below:

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