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3 ABM Success Stories You Can Expect to Hear at Revenue Summit 2017

It’s one thing to read about implementation and strategy for account-based marketing (ABM), but it’s a completely different ballgame to see it in its full, successful glory.

Revenue Summit, hosted by #FlipMyFunnel and Sales HackerRevenue Summit is an event that brings technology vendors, how-to thought leaders, and sales and marketing teams together to connect and learn about the power of data and automation in the sales and marketing world.

Three of the featured speakers at Revenue Summit have been recognized for their tremendous ABM efforts and strategies: Kristen Wendel, Lisa Skinner and Bassem Hamdy. Check out their stories and see how they catapulted their revenue goals with ABM and why Revenue Summit can help you crush yours!

Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing Operations, Version One

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Top Female ABM Leader

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As a much smaller, growing company, Version One required an account-based approach to compete effectively in the segment of the market where companies fit our Ideal Customer Profile. Prior to their account-based approach, marketing, sales, and sales development were all chasing various accounts largely based on broad inbound activity, and their theory was that sales & marketing alignment, conversion and ASP would improve with ABM. Everyone would pursue the same accounts, with better results. Before ABM, the majority of their marketing budget was spent on traditional demand gen and inbound; Now, its focused on engaging and converting hundreds (versus 10,000s) of accounts that have the highest likelihood to buy.

Since implementing an ABM program lead by Kristen, they’ve seen three major benefits that have significantly impacted their business. First, ABM allowed them to create more awareness, engagement and conversion with the accounts most likely to buy. They have achieved overall engagement of 88% with target accounts in 2016. They have converted 20% of their top 100 accounts to pipeline through ABM/Allbound methods.

Second, they increased the size of opportunities: The value of opportunities opened for target accounts are 66% higher than non-target accounts and our ASP has increased significantly.

Third, they spend marketing dollars and sales development resources more wisely: Where previously their demand gen, ops team, and SDRs, 18 people in total, spent all of their time on broad campaigns, these people today are nearly all dedicated to engaging and converting their target accounts. In addition, their digital marketing spend has shifted to 100% focus on accounts that show fit, intent to buy, and are likely to deliver higher ASP.

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Kristen headed the ABM efforts at Version One to achieve 88% more engagement with target accounts 66% increase in value of target accounts

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Lisa Skinner, Senior Director, Demand Generation

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Best Account-Based Demand Generation Program

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In January 2016 Localytics began to consider what it would take to pivot and focus on the enterprise. It was clear that the Demand Gen strategy, tech stack and channel mix needed to shift as well. A cross-functional team was formed to begin to flesh out the strategy. We began with focus on account selection. The selection process has been very data driven with the development of a model to place 2,000 accounts in three tiers. This has been supplemented with input from Sales. We then focused on contact development – the biggest challenge to our ability to scale. In April of 2016, we launched our first dimensional, high impact direct mail campaign in support of our presence of SFMC Connections. After seeing a 41% account to meeting conversion rate and a 177% ROI we decided to dive in.

In June 2016, we began the process of building a process to get us to a weekly mail schedule by the end of August supported by other channels such as display (supported by Terminus), personalized website (via Demandbase), content syndication and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. While we were building the repeatable, scalable process we continued to drop bi-monthly direct mail campaigns (supported by email and BDR outreach). We partnered with PrintSF.com and Print Resources in Indianapolis to build our scalable model. In September 2016 we launched our first truly automated campaign and began our weekly direct mail cadence – all supported by display, content syndication and sponsored updates.

As we move into Q4, we are seeing a 120% ROI and are focused on how we can expand and improve our efficiency. We are on our way to our 4th personalized website experience, 4th direct mail kit (creative and offer) and expanding with a pilot in EMEA.

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The Localytics team launched an ABM pilot program in 30 days and a scalable process in 90 days – all while delivering a 100%+ ROI.

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Bassem Hamdy, EVP of Marketing and Enterprise Strategy, Procore

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Best Comprehensive Account-Based Marketing Program

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The folks at Procore have taken the bull by the horns and created an incredible Account Based Marketing program for their organization. Bassem led the way by creating a specific team within the Marketing department that solely focuses on aligning with sales to target strategic enterprise and mid-market companies by engaging decision-makers, and accelerating sales pipeline velocity at scale. This ABM team works with their top reps to identify target accounts and launch opportunity stage based campaigns. They have even got so granular that they chose 1 account and launched a campaign to both decision making titles (C-Suite/VPs) AND to influencer titles! They have a great approach to ABM and are working to round out their stack, but some of the other strategies they have been using are Facebook, LinkedIn, Marketo and Direct Mailers. Some other great targeting strategies that they’ve used are demand gen around webinars & events, land & expand campaigns for current customers, and even air-cover campaigns for their investors! Bassem’s team at Procore is a pleasure to work with and have really taken their ABM efforts to the next level! I’m excited to see how they continue to develop their ABM team and I know they’ll have great results in 2017!

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They are dedicated to aligning sales & marketing and have created an ABM team focused solely on flipping the funnel

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