Top 10 Account-Based Marketing Moments from #RevSummit17

Account-based marketing was “mega” at Revenue Summit 2017

Terminus account-based marketing at Revenue Summit
Terminus was proud to be a marquee sponsor at the inaugural Revenue Summit with #FlipMyFunnel and Sales Hacker. On March 7th and 8th, 2017, the industry’s brightest B2B marketing and sales professionals gathered at Pier 27 in San Francisco to share strategies they’re implementing to achieve success with account-based marketing (ABM).

One of the key focuses of the event was #ABM as a mega trend driving alignment between B2B marketing and sales teams. By collaborating as one smarketing unit, companies can grow revenue through collaborative tactics and campaigns. There was tons of coverage of #RevSummit17 on Twitter, but in case you missed it…

Here’s a quick recap of #RevSummit17.

1. Kicking Revenue Summit off in style

Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker and author of Hacking Sales and Sangram Vajre, Founder of #FlipMyFunnel and author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies welcomed #RevSummit17 attendees in the opening session.

2. “If you suck at marketing…”

After the warm welcome, Sangram took the stage with his presentation on how evolutions in B2B marketing technology (#MarTech) have brought about the industry’s #ABM revolution. To expand on Sangram’s point, account-based marketing requires both technology and comprehensive strategies to successfully do ABM at scale.

3. “ABM = Always Be M-proving”

Nate Hurst, VP of Marketing at Domo, said his definition of ABM is “Always. Be. M-proving!” Nate said his team is seeing massive ROI on account-based marketing campaigns that include both advertising and direct mail.

“When you’re doing direct mail, find something that’s unique to your brand or position in the marketplace,” Nate explained. “Don’t send swag just to send swag.”

“Your customers know your product better than you do. They’re probably using it in ways you never even thought of.” – Nate Hurst, Domo

You can view Nate’s entire presentation from Revenue Summit here:

4. “Outsmarting” and “transforming”

Kristen Wendel, Marketing Operations Director at VersionOne, discussed how they are “devoted to transforming sales and marketing teams at VersionOne into ABM machine.”

“We knew we couldn’t outspend our competitors, so we wanted to find a way to outsmart them with ABM.” – Kisten Wendel, VersionOne

Flip through Kristen Wendel’s presentation for more details on VersionOne’s account-based marketing success:

5. Puppies galore!

Who doesn’t love an extra does of cuteness at a conference? A pen full of playful puppies delighted attendees at #RevSummit17. In true ABM fashion, knowing your customers’ preferences (like cuddling adorable little dogs) helps to drive engagement through surprise and delight.

6. Highlights from day 1

The first day of #RevSummit was an huge success, but the fun wasn’t over yet. Day 2 was chockfull of knowledge and awesome sessions from stellar speakers.

7. Lincoln Murphy’s keynote

To kick off Day 2, customer success guru Lincoln Murphy dropped some massive truth bombs about account-based marketing and the importance of taking a customer-first approach. Here are a few of his key points:

    • “Customer success management is the process of moving the customer their ever-evolving desired outcome.”
    • “The seeds of churn are planted early.”
    • “You don’t have to be sick to get better.”

8. The CMO of Facebook

Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook, was one of the most anticipated speakers at Revenue Summit. In addition to Facebook, Gary has worked at companies ranging from Pepsi to Google, and his insights reflected his many years of experience. He sat down with Falon Fatemi of Node and Sangram Vajre of Terminus for a fireside chat to talk about the one-to-one future of sales and marketing.

Perhaps the most interesting thing we learned about marketing at Facebook: “‘We have engineers on the marketing team,” Gary said.

9. Jill Rowley on social selling

We’re suckers for a good food metaphor, and social selling evangelist Jill Rowley put it perfectly when she said that ABM is the peanut butter and social selling is the jelly. They’re both good on their own, but they’re so much better together.

10. Time to relax and recharge

And of course, no conference is complete without plenty of time to relax and recharge. The Terminus team got their chair massage on after Revenue Summit to wind down after a busy two days.

What was your favorite moment of #RevSummit17? Let us know in the comments!

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