Lessons from 8 Top Account-Based Marketers at Terminus Untapped

Wednesday, December 7th marked the inaugural Terminus Account-Based Marketing customer conference, and it’s safe to say the event was a hit. More than 20% of our customer base made the holiday season trek to Atlanta to participate in the oddly named conference: Terminus Untapped.

Why name the Terminus customer conference Untapped?

It all begins with Terminus’ purpose and mission: to empower B2B marketers to be heroes in their organizations. Our customers know that we’ve embarked a journey together to help them create and execute account-based marketing experiences that:

  • Delight customers.
  • Drive growth.
  • Support front-line teams like sales and customer success.

Heroes are not born; they become heroes by tapping into their potential to overcome challenges and make bold decisions. We named the conference Untapped because our number one goal for the event was to help customers tap into their ABM superpowers.

During this ABM conference, our employees and customers shared their ABM expertise and explored how Terminus is (and will continue to be) the go-to tool in their ABM toolbox. But, most importantly, we tapped into the superpowers of our customers and facilitated the sharing of those powers. Our customers are our heroes, and by bringing together this group of best-in-class ABM practitioners — our very own League of ABM Superheroes — we all walked away from the conference with bursting with new knowledge and ideas.

Take a look at what some of our customer heroes shared at Untapped.

My ABM Journey: Don’t Make the Mistakes I Did

Jeff Soriano, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Wyng

In this presentation, Jeff shares his path to building a strong account-based marketing program and the challenges he experienced along the way. He addresses:

  • How account-based advertising helped save his ABM program from failure
  • His organizing framework and playbook for success (slides 12-13)
  • How he implemented ABM using the #FlipMyFunnel model
  • His simple yet effective approach to tiering and personalization

There’s also a unicorn in this presentation, which makes it a win in my book!

Getting Sales to Have a Crush on Marketing — AKA How to Get Sales to Show Us (Marketing) the Love!

Peter Garza, VP of Marketing at InTouch Health

You cannot discuss account-based marketing without diving into sales and marketing alignment. Peter Garza, VP of Marketing at InTouch Health, has an extensive track record of building growth engines powered by both marketing and sales.

In this presentation, Peter shares his experience along with a heavy dose of inspiration, data, and fun. (Check out his two videos!) He has implemented ABM at two companies — both times using Terminus as a key part of his strategy — and he shares the strategies he used to align the marketing and sales departments. With Terminus, Peter and his team were able to improve sales follow-up on “hot” accounts, increasing follow-up within 48 hours from less than 20% to an incredible 96%.

Framework to ABM Success with Terminus

Michael Walsh, Director of Digital Marketing at Rosetta Stone

Most of us know Rosetta Stone as a consumer product, but they also have a significant B2B business selling to enterprises needing language training programs (think customer service centers) and to educational institutions. As Rosetta Stone’s Director of Digital Marketing, Mike Walsh has spun up a comprehensive account-based marketing program and gotten his sales team’s buy-in on the new process — all in just a few months.

When Mike began this role in early 2016, Rosetta Stone’s marketing team was sending very few leads to sales. Initially, he launched a lead-based marketing program to remedy this and began sending over a deluge of leads. But not surprisingly, sales was still frustrated due to a lack of lead quality and was spending too much time combing through unqualified leads.

At the end of the summer, Mike launched his ABM program with Terminus account-based marketing. In just over 3 months, his team saw a 70% improvement in opportunities created!

How?! Well, they took baby steps, including:

  • Using a product launch as their first campaign
  • Taking the savvy yet unusual step of beginning with customer marketing
  • Utilizing the ABM Framework as a working document to organize all of their campaigns
  • Creating a content management framework that was key to their success as the number of programs Mike managed grew

Learn more in his presentation below.

Telling a Compelling Story for and with ABM

Nate Hurst, Manager of Account-Based Marketing at Domo

Nate’s Untapped presentation, delivered in “chapters,” provides the perfect polyphonic counterpoint to the other presentations. He first presents the story of Domo’s account-based marketing journey as they’ve secured company-wide buy-in and a built a scalable program. In the second half of his “story,” he demonstrates how ABM helps B2B marketers steal the best ideas and techniques from B2C. His closing chapter is the grand finale as he walks through one of the best integrated ABM marketing campaigns that I’ve seen. Seriously, it’s killer.

Expert Panel: The People, Process, and Tech of ABM

The event closed with a panel of leading demand generation and marketing operations professionals who have developed expertise in account-based marketing. The panelists were:

These brilliant marketers shared the best tools to use, how these tools work together, the processes that work and those that don’t, and pitfalls to avoid. This session was packed with amazing advice! But — you’ll have to wait for the full recording. Use the form below to sign up for the Terminus Times weekly newsletter, and we will notify you when the video is ready:

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Did you attend Terminus Untapped? What was your favorite session of the day? Let us know in the comments!