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One Team, One Dream, One Screen with Account Insights

Sales teams can frequently be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data marketing can generate for any given contact or account. Often, that data lives in separate platforms making it hard to access, easy to ignore, or too convoluted to be useful.

From time-sensitive engagement data to customized marketing campaigns – a holistic account experience can feel impossible to visualize. So – how can marketing enable sales with the data they need in a format that’s actually usable?

Enter Account Insights from Terminus: the solution to the problem.

Rather than inundating your sales team with minute-by-minute automated emails about a single user’s activity, Account Insights delivers trends across an entire account so your SDRs and AEs can visualize the entire account experience from a single screen – no scrolling required.

Sales enablement, where and when they need it

What is Account Insights? Account Insights combines all relevant data sources into a snackable view in SFDC, eliminating the barriers to access and usability. This allows sales to see the full demand trajectory, including all the campaigns marketing has been running, heretofore, in the background.

Account Insights helps bring marketing’s job to the forefront and helps align your sales counterparts to your shared mission – acquiring key accounts ripe for acquisition and expansion.  

By demonstrating clear trend lines on contacts influenced by marketing’s efforts, they know when an account is heating up and can prioritize their outreach efforts accordingly. By breaking out contacts by engagement and activity, sales can also see which channel and messaging strategy is the most effective and know where they might need more support from marketing.

Focus your outreach to increase response rates

Your sales reps don’t need to waste time logging into another system with convoluted data streams – they need a quick, digestible breakdown of the activity that matters so they can take swift, intelligent action.

Account Insights gives details on which contact on the account is engaging most and when – so they know how and who they should be reaching out to and what campaigns they are reacting to.  

It also shows how many more contacts have been added to the account within the past 90 days, showing sales how far they’ve potentially penetrated the buying committee. Account Insights also surfaces that sweet, sweet intent data (from our friends at Bombora) directly adjacent to your engagement models so you can clearly see the topics they are searching for and the products that most closely align with their needs.

By leveraging this dynamic data duo, your sales and marketing teams can create customized campaign creative coupled with personalized sales outreach that’s impossible for your account to ignore. In less than a minute, your SDRs and AEs can see what marketing messages are resonating and identify a few key phrases to grab their attention before they reach a competitor.

By visualizing the entire account journey – including both sales and marketing’s efforts, you can give cleaner, faster updates on pipeline progression as it relates to key accounts and reward team’s that progress faster through tighter alignment.

Account Insights for all


The best part of Account Insights is that this feature is open to every account in your CRM, meaning that both your sales and success teams can benefit from the available data.

Imagine a scenario in which a customer success manager notices an engagement spike from a key-account on a new product line they aren’t currently utilizing and intent data indicating they are researching a similar product from a competing service. Now, your CSM and marketing teams are prepared to build a retention campaign based on historical data from the account and the new behavioral data displayed on the same screen.

This one screen gives your teams everything they need to stay aligned on your highest-priority accounts and the visibility into your outreach efforts that you’ve always craved.  

This feature is currently available to all customers on our TEAM Pro and TEAM Enterprise plans, who have completed their Account Hub setup. It is also recommended (but not required) that customers have our Sales Insights package installed.

If you have questions regarding your current plan, please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager.