Ads + Chat in a Single Platform Is Revolutionizing ABM

By this point, no marketer needs convincing that conversational marketing (chat) and digital advertising are powerful tools to engage with best fit accounts and accelerate pipeline growth. Historically, conversational marketing and digital advertising operated in separate systems with separate vendors, but this causes a tremendous disconnect in successful account-based execution. But what happens when these two channels live and breathe on the SAME platform?? Big things – and we look forward to walking through the “why” and “how”.

We’ve seen customers achieve outrageous engagement and conversion rates when ads and chat operate out of a single native platform. So what do you get when these two channels coexist, side-by-side? Better data, more conversions, and perhaps most importantly – a better customer experience. Let’s dig into this.

1. Native Chat Strengthens First Party Data That Further Enhances Ad Targeting and Engagement

Terminus is the only ABM platform that owns Chat and Ads in a single platform. The channels work together in a deliberate, data-driven engagement strategy (Ads+Chat+Email ). Each engagement channel optimizes the next one which creates a flywheel of first-party data that makes the entire ABM engine more relevant and powerful. And as you refine your account matching and de-anonymization within Terminus, that refines the Ads targeting data that makes ad spend more efficient, cost effective and impactful. Only Terminus can deliver this capability.

In addition, with Terminus, you can efficiently execute multi-channel engagement using the same target account list across every engagement channel. You have segmentation rules and engagement data all in one platform. As a marketer, being able to take action on this data and orchestrate campaigns in a single place is a game changer.

2. Create Demand, Convert Demand, and Deliver Better Account Conversion

It’s simple. Terminus has the best account-based advertising technology and publisher reach. Not all account-based advertising is created equal. You’re spending precious money to create brand awareness and demand for your products or services, so why take the risk of them landing on your website and dropping off. Every single domain visit is precious. Every single account and lead must be engaged with the highest level of relevance and personalization. Conversational Marketing has been shown to increase lead conversion 3x over traditional forms. When native Chat is combined with Ads, our customers are seeing:

  • A 1,600 percent increase in sales conversations just two weeks post-implementation
  • A 3x increase in lead volume, and 51 percent faster lead response time
  • A 42% increased Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) to close rate
  • More than 80 percent increase in close rate of all Chat-sourced leads

A single deliberate platform creates more agility, ease of use and automation – integration and siloed products can only do so much. Terminus chat playbooks automatically update based upon buyer intent and are dynamically synced with Ad Tactics. When Segments or Audiences are changed, the playbooks can adapt in real-time on the website. This provides the highest level of personalization for your site traffic and significant time savings for the marketer.

3. Multi-Channel Measurement Drives Superior ABM Insights and Pipeline Growth

Who doesn’t want a single pane of glass? Compiling data from multiple sources is never fun and will always fall short when optimizing account-based campaign execution. With its owned channels, Terminus provides a single view of account engagement, attribution, and reporting. In addition, multi-channel intent and engagement data can be routed to sales for prioritization and action. Terminus chat provides a new level of attribution that can be lead & account based making the ROI discussion (think internal meetings) more compelling.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Our customers have witnessed some awesome engagement numbers by natively pairing our Chat and Ad experiences together. One Terminus customer experienced increased target account engagement by 686% (yes, you read that right) when pairing Advertising Experiences with Account-based Chat. This customer also saw an increase in conversions by 1600% (seriously, we can’t make this up) by executing targeted, personalized and contextual experiences across connected channels (Chat + Ads).

Simply put, Terminus offers the ONLY account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through Multi-Channel ABX. We leverage first and third-party data, the most engagement channels, and powerful analytics to help companies transform the way they generate revenue. All of this in one platform with easy integrations to power high-performing marketing teams. Check out even more Terminus Chat resources below.